Unser Management.

nicolas röhrs CEO Co-Founder

Nicolas Röhrs

Dr Marius Feldmann COO Co-Founder

Marius Feldmann

Benjamin Schreier Head of Sales

Benjamin Schreier

Dr Ronny Reinhardt Head of Business Development & Strategy

Ronny Reinhardt

Finance & Business Development
ronny lorenz Head of Heat Operations & Project Management

Ronny Lorenz

Heat Operations & Project Management
Conrad Wächter Head of Heat Research&Development

Conrad Wächter

Thermal Research & Development
franz bauer Head of IT Systems & Services

Franz Bauer

IT System & Services
jonas schäfer Team Lead Cloud Infrasctructure Development

Jonas Schäfer

Cloud Infrastructure Development
anja strunk team lead cloud innovation

Anja Strunk

Cloud Innovation
Maria Vaquero Team Lead Business Development

Maria Vaquero

Business Development & Marketing
Nicole Bernstein Team Lead Human Relations - HR

Nicole Bernstein

Human Relations
Kathleen Teichmann Team Lead COO Office - HR

Kathleen Teichmann

COO Office & Human Relations
martin steinigen Team Lead IT Operations

Martin Steinigen

IT Operations
johannes wolf team lead procurement

Johannes Wolf

Dr. Jens Struckmeier

Jens Struckmeier

Founder & Advisory Board Member