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The year is 2023 and the digital world is dominated by hyperscalers. The whole digital world? NO!

A medium-sized company from Saxony does not stop fighting the battle for open source cloud infrastructures and open standards and campaigns from Dresden for the implementation of digitally sovereign cloud infrastructures. But this fight is not easy. The hyperscalers are powerful and widely known. But is it always good to choose what everyone chooses because that's what you choose? You can certainly guess, but read for yourself ...

One fine day, shortly after sunrise, a stranger knocks on Dresden's baroque gate. Operantix opens the bulky gate a crack wide and lets the stranger in.

Operantix (already wide awake despite the early hour): What brings you to us so early, stranger?

The Stranger (out of breath): Have you heard of Hyperscalerus claiming supremacy in the menhir business outside your walls, or is it true what they say about Valley of the Clueless ?

Operantix (unimpressed): We have heard of them very well. But what do you have to do with them?

The StrangerI have often done business with them and have only bought my menhirs from them. But recently I was almost struck by lightning when I heard how they raised their prices.

Operantix (laughs): They're crazy, the ones from Hyperscalerus.

The Stranger (indignant): I agree with that. And I don't want to put my eggs in one basket any more. Rumour has it that you also mine stones here?

Operantix nods, beckons the stranger closer and leads him past magnificent buildings and romantic alleys to a deep shaft from which hard-working men and women are extracting heavy rocks. These are already piled several metres high. Here the two stop and watch the hard workers for a while.

Operantix (points to the mountain full of menhirs): Here, together with like-minded towns and communities, we have been mining hinkel stones for centuries. The mines are freely accessible, can be entered by anyone and the rock meets the requirements for the construction of important buildings or other use cases. We have been using it to build indestructible houses, walls and arenas for a long time. Is this what you are looking for?

The Stranger (marvels): Indeed, that's not bad! I didn't mention it at first, but I'm also interested in the art of mining my own stones in order to remain independent of Hyperscalerus.

Operantix smiles in understanding, puts two fingers between his lips and lets out a shrill whistle. At the same time, a husky rushes up and stops in front of them, tail wagging. A man follows him.

OperantixStranger, this is Technix. He will teach you the craft of stone-cutting and give you the tools you need to get your own magnificent stones. And this little guy here is Yaookix - he sniffs out the best mining sites, carries your equipment and helps you dig out your stones in no time. 

Technix takes the stranger by the hand and leads him down into the shaft. Here, deep down in the mountain, they come across a whole crowd of other workers. Some of them surround a woman and hold parchment on which they are busily taking notes. Technix points over to them.

Technix: Down here, we pass on our knowledge to anyone who wants to learn the craft of mining. Those over there, for example, are just about to receive their first instruction. This has already created a large European community that keeps its knowledge of stone cutting up to date and supports each other in this craft.

The Stranger: That is, besides me, there are others who work independently of Hyperscalerus?

Technix: Of course, was it so new to you? There are already some who have recognised the dependencies on Hyperscalerus and decided to fend for themselves and support each other.

The Stranger: It's amazing. But I'm happy to be trained by you. But one more thing: Do I throw away all the hyperscalers' menhirs now?

Technix: (flinches in fright): Oh, heavens, help, of course not!!! How unsustainable! That's the best about it. Make your own stones together with the Hinkelstein community, buy them from us or take those from Hyperscalerus: we are all compatible and fit together perfectly. And now come on, I'll introduce you to the others in the community, so you can get to know each other better right away.

Above ground, they meet Operantix, who has just laid a long table and is serving wild boar and Saxon Eierschecke - baked according to his clan's ancient secret recipe. Now the other workers crawl out of the mountain, including some of the trainees. They all crowd closely around the richly laid table. Yaookix does not leave the stranger's side. The stranger revels in thoughts of the objects he will build in the future - he has almost forgotten about Hyperscalerus. Together they spend a convivial evening as the sun slowly sets behind the town.

Cloud&Heat Onpremix at a glance - our advantages

When companies go to the cloud, they often choose hyperscalers. Companies should be aware of the fact that they are usually dependent on US or Asian providers who do not process sensitive data and processes in a trustworthy manner due to other applicable legal regulations.

A multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud strategy can be a remedy, especially if there are different usage requirements in your business model: Be it because the combination of different cloud providers can optimise costs and prevent failures of the digital infrastructure or because data can be processed self-determined, depending on the use case, with different providers.

With Cloud&Heat Onpremix we offer a digital sovereign on-prem complement to your existing multi- or hybrid-cloud strategy. Our complete package offers the following advantages:

ATLAS OpenStack Ready Compatibility

Integration in multi cloud setups​

We provide you with a complete on-prem solution tailored to your needs or integrate it into your existing multi-cloud setup.

Our solutions can be operated as a stand-alone private cloud but can also be integrated into hybrid cloud environments or multi-provider setups.

Open Source

Open source and digital sovereign

We don't drive you into a vendor lock-in, but want you to be free to choose and switch between cloud providers - if you want to.

That's why our software stack consists exclusively of open source elements, such as OpenStack, Kubernetes and Yaook, the open source cloud lifecycle management tool.

Part of an active European community

With us, you will become part of an active European open source community that uses OpenStack, Kubernetes and Yaook, among others, and develops them together.

This community is further expanded and strengthened by ALASCA - the Association for Operable, Open Cloud Infrastructures e.V. - we are one of 7 founding members.

Flexible Choice of Hardware and Operation

We do not directly sell you new hardware, but first check the suitability of your existing hardware.

Through customised trainings, we also enable you to operate your open-source-based on-prem setup or, if desired, take over 3rd-level support or complete operation.

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