Customised Liquid Cooling Solutions.

We enable your company to run a more energy-efficient and resource-saving data centre.

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Customised Liquid Cooling Solutions at a glance.

By using water cooling, you get more performance out of your data centre space - and use your infrastructure more sustainably. By consistently using energy-efficient direct hot water cooling and the associated options for waste heat recovery, we help you to reduce your CO2-footprint and reduce costs.

From individual servers over entire racks to complete IT rooms with appropriately dimensioned hydraulic systems, our Customised Liquid Cooling Solutions supply your digital infrastructures with complete turnkey solutions, such as state-of-the-art hydraulic engine units for high availability requirements and large heat flows, so-called Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) - whether in new data centres or in existing buildings.

Selection and integration first-class technologies

We use our own proven technologies as well as common, pre-selected hardware components from our experienced hardware suppliers and partners and integrate these components into your existing infrastructure. We are happy to evaluate the status quo of your data centre in advance as part of an infrastructure consultation and, based on this, develop a concept for the sustainable, energy-efficient and resource-saving operation of your digital infrastructure.

R&D services

Do you have requirements that cannot be met with the help of common devices and market-available solutions? We can provide development services tailored to your needs to convert your digital infrastructure to energy efficiency.

More efficient
cooling capacity

Through the consistent use of water as
cooling medium, higher cooling medium temperatures can be dissipated than with classic air cooling. Due to its compact design, direct hot water cooling saves space and enables higher packing densities. This saves energy, reduces costs and increases efficiency.


Water is an excellent, environmentally friendly heat transport medium, it reduces the effort required for media routing and enables the subsequent use of accrued heat. The sustainable use of waste heat in the data centre reduces the expenditure for classic cooling systems, which leads to energy savings. In this way you reduce your CO2-footprint and save operation costs.

Customised Liquid Cooling Solution Sustainable technology

Test stands
for server

Our test benches enable our engineers to carry out targeted testing of both completely water-cooled and air-cooled server systems as well as individual components of our customised contract development of cooling systems. From development-accompanying thermohydraulic tests in a conditioned measurement environment with automated measurement data acquisition and processing, as required for the energy efficiency evaluation of water-cooled server systems, to heat transport investigations for the optimisation of individual heat sinks, our test stands serve to obtain reliable and resilient data and support us in making your server systems as energy-efficient as possible.

Building integration

Through the operation of our own energy-efficient cloud infrastructure, we have been able to gather sound expertise in the integration of high-performance hardware and sustainable cooling technology in buildings. In this context, there are various interfaces to the building control system, which our team can serve with expertise in the areas of technical building equipment, regenerative energy systems and control and regulation technology.


Efficient cooling technology.

Water cooling
Air cooling


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