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Association for Operable, Open Cloud Infrastructures e.V.

ALASCA | Association for Operational Open Cloud Infrastructures e.V.

We develop open source technology to strengthen digital sovereignty. From Europe. For Europe.

Since the end of 2020, we have been working together with STACKIT on the jointly initiated open-source lifecycle tool Yaook. To date, the Yaook community has grown to around 50 members from different companies - and the trend is rising. In order to decouple the project from individual companies and to be able to develop and advance it more independently, the desire grew to put Yaook on its own feet.

Together with Cyberus Technology, D3TN, dNation, secunet Security Networks, we launched the non-profit association ALASCA in 2022 with the aim of sustainably strengthening digital sovereignty in Germany and Europe.

ALASCA positions itself as a united cloud and open source foundation for the joint (further) development of operational open source software. The association also focuses on building a strong community and raising public awareness of the importance of free, digital infrastructure - all under the umbrella of a company-independent organisation and structure.

Operational open source technologies

Talk is silver, development is gold: At ALASCA, you meet passionate doers who are dedicated to creating operational technologies for cloud infrastructures. In addition to the original Yaook project, other open source projects are to be initiated by ALASCA in the future.

Knowledge transfer

ALASCA creates the right framework for the active exchange of knowledge and experience between its members and beyond the boundaries of the association. In various event formats (e.g. hackathons, webinars or tech talks), ALASCA drives the identification, further development and publicisation of open cloud projects and their potentials.

Multifaceted competences

Concentrated power: The members of ALASCA contribute their various experiences and skills to collaborative project work. This is how ALASCA powerfully advances open source projects for cloud infrastructures.

Strong community

ALASCA's community is characterised not only by its competences, but above all by enthusiasm, curiosity and passion for open source. ALASCA is also strongly networked with other communities in the European open source landscape beyond the association's borders.

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