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Our Lifecycle Management Tool for OpenStack and SecuStack

Cloud&Heat | Yaook | Cloud Lifecycle Management for OpenStack and SecuStack

Yaook - Our Lifecycle Management Tool for OpenStack and SecuStack

In partnership with STACKIT, Cloud&Heat launched the Yaook project (Yet Another OpenStack on Kubernetes) was launched. This is an OpenStack lifecycle management, with which we set another strong example in the sense of digital sovereignty. Since the end of 2022, Yaook and its further development have been incorporated into the non-profit association ALASCA transferred.

Yaook - Yet another OpenStack on Kubernetes

Manually managing OpenStack is laborious and error-prone. We think so: It can be done better! Our OpenStack Lifecycle Management (LCM) Yaook therefore automates the otherwise manual processes - on an open source basis, of course - and thus enables the provision and operation of cloud infrastructures. The focus is not only on the provision of OpenStack itself, but also on all other aspects that are relevant for the management of OpenStack-based infrastructures (e.g. hardware inventory, monitoring and updating). In this way, Yaook creates significant relief for DevOps teams working with OpenStack.

Yaook Community

To date, the Yaook community has grown to around 50 members from different companies - and the trend is rising. In order to decouple the project from individual companies and to be able to develop and advance it more independently, the desire grew to put Yaook on its own feet. Today, Yaook is being promoted under the umbrella of ALASCA.

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