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The challenges are well known: Cooling systems alone eat up 40 % of the energy consumption in data centres. Unacceptable in times of the energy transition! We have known about the advantages of water cooling for a long time. But for a long time we lacked know-how in this very specialised area, which has little to do with servers and storage. In addition, a certain amount of respect went along with the attempt to combine electricity and water. That's why we started looking for a partner with experience. The numerous, successfully implemented projects of Cloud&Heat finally convinced us.

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Award-winning! Jointly developed, water-cooled servers receive Blue Angel certificate

We have developed "Liquid Cooled Servers" together with Cloud&Heat. These are standard servers that are equipped with a special cooling kit. The servers are therefore water-cooled. This not only reduces the power consumption for cooling the systems. Even better: the waste heat can be used for heating, so that heating costs are also reduced.

The joint research and development have finally paid off. It is not for nothing that we recently launched the first server with the BLUE ANGEL certificate.

Thomas Krenn Blue Angel Server Customised Liquid Cooling Solution Hot Water Cooling

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Thomas-Krenn.AG is one of the largest manufacturers of individual server and storage systems in Germany. Since 2002, the company has been supplying end users, resellers and data centre operators with high-quality hardware according to the build-to-order principle. Also as a solution provider for individual customer projects, Thomas-Krenn.AG stands for the highest service quality in hardware-related development, contract manufacturing, product finishing and logistics. It is thus a recognised reliable partner for industry, system houses, service providers and medium-sized end customers from every sector. Thomas-Krenn.AG currently produces all servers in Germany at the Freyung site with around 200 employees.

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