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Our service

  • Economic, ecological and technical advice for green distributed data centres
  • Proof of technical feasibility in a use case
  • Implementation of a first whitelabel cloud portal
  • Proposals for potential prototypes for Green IT and Kritis IT setups.

The partnership

With Cloud&Heat to green digital infrastructure

Since the last CEBIT in June 2018, EnBW has been working with our partner and VNG associate Cloud&Heat Technologies to develop a potential digital basic supply with Green IT and Kritis IT (www.enbw.com/greenIT). In this conceptual R&D phase, EnBW received intensive advice (economic, ecological and technical) for various levels from green edge data centres to cloud infrastructures. A first technical PoC on OpenStack infrastructure and a first whitelabel cloud portal were also successfully implemented.
Modern digital infrastructure is an essential basic service for businesses and society. This infrastructure will have to transform, at least in part, in the future: EU-sovereign, greener and more efficient, secure and EU-compliant, cloud-enabled and low-latency. For such setups, Cloud&Heat can do many amounts, from efficient hot water cooling to automated and security hardened OpenStack and SecuStack technology.

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