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Visual search engine (AI application) on our infrastructure

Nyris Visual Search Engine IaaS AI Application





Visual search engine





Our service

  • Close consultation on the optimal hardware configuration
  • Custom fabrication of a water cooling system for the selected GPU
  • Providing GPU-as-a-Service on a customised infrastructure
  • Preparation for a geo-redundant system expansion distributed over two European locations

The client's application.

Sustainable AI application for a greener planet.

The artificial visual intelligence of nyris is used to enable the visual search engine for spare parts, products or objects. The Berlin and Düsseldorf-based company had been thinking about what the IT infrastructure of nyris should look like. As nyris is aware of its own responsibility for energy efficiency, it looked in particular for European green IT solutions. To find the perfect solution, they compared different cloud providers with a special focus on security and sustainability. Nyris had been looking for a sustainable cloud provider for some time, but could not find one that could meet our high technical requirements. With Cloud&Heat we have now achieved our goal and are very happy about it!

Nyris Visual Search Engine IaaS AI Application

About Nyris

Nyris was founded in 2015, based in Berlin and Düsseldorf. Development of the nyris visual search engine based on the latest computer vision research to enable fast and reliable identification of spare parts, products and objects. Nyris works with leading companies in retail and e-commerce, industry and manufacturing, media and entertainment, and financial services.


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