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User Story: Graphicuss - a graphical discussion tool.

Written by Franziska Leitermann

Cloud&Heat is growing out of its own start-up phase - now we are happy to support other young companies or university projects by ourselves, especially if that requires individual and scalable computing power, such as movebis in the past. This time we would like to introduce the project Graphicuss, a project of the Chair of Computer Networks at the TU Dresden.

Cloud&Heat: Martin, you are part of the "Graphicuss" project team - can you briefly explain the content and goals of the project to us?

Martin Johst: We, a group of four computer science students at the Technical University Dresden, are working on the project. The topic of this project is to create multiple prototypes of a forum-like, graphical discussion tool with a support for drawing figures for students to ask and answer questions related to a lecture or a course.

Cloud&Heat: For what parts exactly did you need the computing power for in your project and how could Cloud&Heat support you with your interesting project?

Martin Johst: For the project there are supposed to be clients for mobile devices written for Android and iOS as well as browser support for laptops. To be able to implement the clients our team used the Cloud&Heat infrastructure to create our own test server for the project to store and provide the data. This gave us the opportunity to have the complete freedom of configuring the server and network for our needs. The provided infrastructure by Cloud&Heat was the perfect possibility to easily setup a server and assign a public IP to it. That reduced a lot of friction from the first setup process for our project and we were able to just dive into the implementation process for our university project.

Cloud&Heat: You also mentioned that Cloud&Heat could not only support you with the technology itself...

Martin Johst: Yes, the C&H Blog contains a lot of good references and some instructions about best practices when getting started, for example the tutorial on how to create a network in OpenStack or the article about migrating OpenStack instances to a private network.

Cloud&Heat: Surely there were challenges, too. How did you solve them?

Martin Johst: Small challenges appeared while setting up our systems. One time we had contact with the support and even on a public holiday we got a response within minutes solving our problem.

Cloud&Heat: Thank you very much for answering our questions! We wish you and your project all the best and would be happy to hear from you again in the future!

Martin Johst: We want to thank you folks at Cloud&Heat too, for such a good support and a great and easy possibility to make fast progress on our project. So we were able to finish with a good grade, gain new experiences and a lot of new knowledge!

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screenshot of web interface (source: Graphicuss)

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