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Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a data centre industry initiative led by Meta, Google, Intel and Microsoft.

The goals of OCP.

Discuss and propose design guidelines to be implemented for the construction and operation of data centres and their state-of-the-art IT equipment
Remove general barriers arising from the use of specific data centre technologies and promote agnostic designs in which all technologies can fit

Cloud&Heat is an active member

We have been active in the Open Compute Project for more than two years and contribute our expertise and competences in the field of cooling data centres inside and outside the rack in different working groups. These include the ACS (advanced cooling solutions) and the ACF (advanced cooling facilities). Together with other partners, we work on the creation of guidelines and white papers, among other things.

For the recently established workspace we have "Heat recovery in data centres" took over the co-leadership and, through our many years of experience and know-how, we want to enable the data centre community to develop concepts for the The aim is to be able to identify, test and develop waste heat utilisation in data centres, which will ultimately lead to cross-sectoral cooperation and an improvement in the global carbon footprint.

As part of the Future Technologies Symposium at the OCP Global Summit 2021, Cloud&Heat was awarded a prize in the category "Best Paper" and "Best presentation".

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