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Vattenfall and Cloud&Heat launch pilot project to provide sustainable computing capacity.

Berlin/Dresden, 3.12.2021. Vattenfall and Cloud&Heat Technologies, based in Dresden, have entered into a strategic partnership. The aim of the joint pilot project is to provide fossil-free, reliable high-speed computing capacity. The new data centre is containerised and equipped with high-end servers for artificial intelligence (AI) and high performance computing (HPC) applications. This ensures high performance and security. Direct water cooling allows the use of surplus heat in the adjacent district heating system for maximum sustainability. 

The new data centre consists of two containers located on the site of Vattenfall's biomass-fired district heating plant in Jordbro, south of Stockholm. Vattenfall provides the infrastructure and the secure location, Cloud&Heat Technologies is responsible for the operation. Together, the two companies are thus contributing to a CO2-free computing process.

"Demand for powerful and cost-effective computing capacity is growing rapidly, especially for IoT and AI applications. Our new data centre at our pilot site in Sweden is ready to operate for customers who expect cost-effective, reliable and fossil-free computing capacity," says Birger Ober, Project Manager at Vattenfall. 

Cloud&Heat Technologies' service is a full-service ML/AI stack. "Cloud&Heat Technologies offers energy-efficient, scalable, secure and customised high-density infrastructure solutions that meet the demands of the future. Vattenfall's expertise and Cloud&Heat's technology made it possible to build a water-cooled data centre that emits no CO2 during its operation and is also directly integrated into Vattenfall's heat network to reuse the heat," says Dr Jens Struckmeier, CTO at Cloud&Heat Technologies.

Given the increasing importance and demand of Green IT, Cloud&Heat Technologies and Vattenfall want to further improve this project and offer more solutions to promote more sustainable data infrastructures.

About Vattenfall GmbH

Vattenfall is a leading European energy company owned by the Swedish state, which for more than 100 years has been driving the electrification of industry, supplying homes and houses with energy and making everyday life more modern through innovation and cooperation. Our goal is to enable fossil-free living within a generation. That is why we are driving the transition to a sustainable energy system. We have around 19,500 employees and operate mainly in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK.

More information about Vattenfall: http://www.vattenfall.de

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