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New service offering: Managed Kubernetes

Cloud&Heat Technologies Press News Article

Cloud&Heat expands product portfolio with Managed Kubernetes Service for
Machine learning applications

Dresden, 27 April 2020. Cloud&Heat Technologies, provider of secure and energy-efficient digital infrastructures, supports the growing demand for individualised container solutions and expands its product portfolio with a service that is specifically designed for machine learning applications. tailored to your needs. Through strict adherence to data protection and security, the service of the Dresden-based company is designed primarily for organisations that handle security-critical data. process. Cloud&Heat offers the new service on its own website, which has been in operation since 2013. public cloud infrastructure operated exclusively in Germany or in the data centre of its
Customers on.

Every second company plans to use Kubernetes

Kubernetes, an open source system originally developed by Google, is increasingly establishing itself as the de facto standard for the orchestration and management of container clusters due to its flexibility and reliability. According to the current study " State of the Cloud Report 2019" by
Of all container orchestration platforms, Flexera has seen the largest increase in users of Kubernetes, with 20 per cent growth from 2018 to 2019. According to a recent study by Crisp Research, two-thirds of German companies planned to use Kubernetes in 2019. Especially for companies that need large amounts of distributed computing, for example for machine learning and artificial intelligence, Kubernetes is the ideal tool. However, due to the high complexity of the software and the rapidly growing systems, many administrators and developers quickly reach their limits in terms of both capacity and know-how. Many companies are therefore outsourcing these services to managed service providers.

Individualisation of the Managed Kubernetes infrastructure

Based on its many years of experience in operating its own IaaS platform, Cloud&Heat Technologies now also offers the set-up and operation of Kubenetes clusters. The customer can make use of a standardised IT infrastructure or have it put together individually according to the specific requirements of their applications. "Our many years of experience in building and operating digital infrastructures have shown that the different conditions existing on the market cannot be covered by a standardised solution. Over the last few years, we have developed to be particularly flexible in responding to the individual wishes of our customers in both the hardware and software areas," explains Marius Feldmann, COO at Cloud&Heat Technologies.

Extra security through hardening of the cloud infrastructure

Customers of the new service also benefit from additional security mechanisms provided by secustack, a subsidiary founded by Cloud&Heat and IT security expert secunet. In addition to the secure transfer of data to the cloud and a strict separation of client networks, customers are given full control over their cryptographic keys. This is especially important when processing particularly security-critical data.

Big data generators like nyris rely on sustainable infrastructures

One of the first customers is nyris GmbH. The company uses artificial visual intelligence to make the search for spare parts, products or objects more natural and intuitive. The visual search is based on so-called machine learning: by recognising patterns in existing databases, IT systems are able to find the right solutions independently and without errors. Above all, the training of increasingly complex and precise algorithms causes enormous power consumption. Nyris is aware of its responsibility for energy efficiency and therefore moved its algorithms to the infrastructure of the green IT company Cloud&Heat. Since 2018, these have been hosted in the energy-efficient data centre in Frankfurt's Eurotheum, where instead of air cooling, the servers are innovatively cooled with water. The resulting waste heat is fed into the heating circuit of the high-rise building on site and used to heat the offices there and the hotel. By moving its extensive calculations, nyris can now save up to 11 tonnes of CO2 per year.

"We are very happy to have found a competent partner in Cloud&Heat, whose sustainable managed service offering can provide us with a secure, flexible and also sustainable infrastructure," says Anna Lukasson-Herzig, founder and CEO of nyris. "I hope that more companies will follow suit so that the rising emissions of machine learning are curbed. Only then can we use such technologies to positively impact our lives, our society and our planet in a sustainable way."

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