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Cloud&Heat opens up the data centre and cloud market to the energy industry

Cloud&Heat Technologies Press News Article

New business model for the utility industry

Dresden, 28. October 2019. Cloud&Heat Technologies offers the Utilities a new business model and opens up the companies thereby the way into the digital Future: With the Concept "Power to Data - Data to Heat" provides the GreenITCompany not only the technology and the knowhow to offer the energy sector the data centre and CloudDeveloping the market, but also a new Possibility to reduce CO2neutral heat and to improve the electricity grids. to stabilise. The clincher: Dhe Supplycompany have already have almost perfect Prerequisites for the digital transformation.

For yearsen companies in the energy industry face numerous challenges: in need of modernisation Nets, legal Uncertaintyen, increasing competition and high Expectations, both at the Shareholders as also at the Customers. At Course the Climate protection debate and the advancing energy transition are the demands of the public to the industry moreover higher than ever. But the pressure to change is simultaneously a chance to also because the Companies from the UtilityArea usually already bring a lot with them, in order to in the future still to be successful: extensive Infrastructures, direct access to large amounts of energy,
Millions of existing customers and abundant Experience in the stream and/or heat market.

The CloudMarket grows - the energy demand also

Due to the increasing digitalisation, the need for decentralised and safer Computing capacity unstoppable. Thus for example the Storage volume for Big Data since 2016 from 51 to 124 exabytes more than doubled. Parallel rise the worldwide Turnover through cloud computing since 2010 by a factor of three at US 182.4 billionDollar in 2018 to - Rising trend. In perspective counts the CloudMarket therefore among the most lucrative Branchen at all.

Thereby grows also the energy demand the IT required for thisInfrastructures considerably: Estimates According to become Data centres over 2,000 terawatt hours (TWh) in 2030. Electricity worldwide around 400 per cent of the current demand. For the utilities, this trend is
a chance, itself enter the market and profit threefold in the process: Through the development of the Business segment DatacenterasaService, a new possibility, CO2neutral heat to produce and a further Instrument to stabilise the Power grids.

Cloud&Heat makes Digital transformation possible

Cloud&Heat has the complete solution at the ready - from the hardware via the secure cloudPlatform up to to extensive Consulting and Serviceservices. For the realisation become already existing Infrastructuren from Utilities modernised and extends. For this become water-cooled Data centres installed at several locations and connected to existing energy grids integrated. In addition to covering its own ITThe utility companies tap into theCompany the Business model DataCentreasaService as a new source of income: The available Rechnical capacity can be sold to millions of existing and new energy customers who already have a high level of trust prevails. Alternatively, there is the option of using unused capacity on Other cloudservice provider to resell. Gergoodbye With a view on the plans for a european Cloud (GaiaX), the ongoing debate on data sovereignty and the need for alternatives from Europe offers a secure cloudOffer Perspectively immense Value creation potentiale for the Utilities.

Statefromtheart CloudTechnology

Besides Energy-efficient hardware equips Cloud&Heat the modern data centres also with intelligent CloudSoftware off: Thereby find Calculation procedures always there instead ofwhere it is most useful and is most effective - both in terms of the available energy capacities and the
in the financial sense. Produced about a Solar or Wind farm due to weather bindings surplus electricity, are time uncritical Applications, such as Renderings or DeepLearningProcesses, through intelligent Load distribution on the corresponding Location processed. Changen itself the Conditions, become the Real-time computing jobs within the network to other locations Distributed. Dhe software supports so the Management virtual Power Plant (Virtual Power Plants), helps at the Stabilisation of the power grids and enables the Monetisation of excess capacity.

Sustainable heat supply as a bonus market

Nfter the Prinzip "Power to Data - Data to Heat" enables the from Cloud&Heat deployed Hot waterDirect cooling also the subsequent use of the waste heat of the Data centres, the itself in Nearand district heating networks feed or to cover one's own needs can be used. The Re-use
the CO2neutraln Heat carries on decarbonisation the ITInfrastructureen and reduces the CO2Fußabpressure many times over. The Cloud&HeatConcept leaves decentralised and weather-independent to several Locations Realise. The initial investment in infrastructuremodernisation are already in place thanks to the additional revenue streams within a few years amortised.

Successful pilot project with innogy

With the innogy SE, Cloud&Heat already has a successful Pilot project carried out: For the Energycompany was a decentralised network of data centres two Locations in RhinelandPalatinate erected. "The linking of the Market for Data centreen with the energyiewirtschaft offers huge potential. That is why we are glad, to have a partner in Cloud&Heat who has a holistic concept and much Experience in the planning, construction and operation of safe and sustainable ITInfrastructures brings", says Carsten Lagemann, Managing Director of innogy TelNet GmbH,
to this.