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Cloud&Heat cooperates with Vattenfall

Cloud&Heat Technologies Press News Article

Pilot project to be presented for the first time at Data Centre World on 11 and 12 March 2020 in London

London/Dresden, 9.03.2020. The energy company Vattenfall tests the construction and offer of new Managed Services and relies on the expertise of the Dresden-based Green IT company Cloud&Heat Technologies.

In two 20-foot containers equipped with 1,600 powerful graphics cards from manufacturers such as Nvidia, Vattenfall plans to create a secure and sustainable digital infrastructure for machine learning, virtual reality or Industry 4.0 applications in the future. By using the heat generated according to the CHC principle (Combined Heat and Compute), particularly resource-efficient operation is made possible. To secure the required infrastructure against unauthorised access, the cloud offering is supported by additional security mechanisms of the secustack GmbHCloud&Heat's subsidiary with a focus on transparent, secure cloud operations.

Vattenfall and Cloud&Heat Technologies will jointly present the pilot project at Data Centre World in London on 11 and 12 March 2020. The aim of the pilot project is to gain the first beta customers for the cloud offering, who will test the infrastructure and thus contribute to the further development of the service. Interested parties can obtain further information on the project and the soon to start test phase at stand D750.

"With our solutions and services, we make a decisive contribution to making the digital infrastructure basis for new applications, such as machine learning, not only sustainable, but also particularly secure," says Nicolas Röhrs, CEO and co-founder of Cloud&Heat Technologies.

Background: Processing and storing large amounts of data in the cloud creates far-reaching competitive advantages from which almost all industries can benefit. That this is the case is also increasingly being experienced by energy suppliers. Although they often already process their own company data and monitoring processes cloud-based, the dedicated offer of digital resources to their customers also opens up new business areas.

However, as an important part of the CRITIS sector, utilities are subject to particularly strict regulations when using digital infrastructures in order to avoid hacker attacks and thus the paralysis of important supply channels. On the other hand, they should give high priority to the energy-efficient provision of their processing services.


Data Centre World on 11 and 12 March 2020 in London: Stand number D750