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Cloud&Heat and the NTT Group cooperate

Cloud&Heat Technologies Press News Article

First water-cooled server rack in the NTT Technology Experience Lab

Cloud&Heat and the NTT Group cooperate and show data centre technology of the future in Frankfurt and soon also worldwide

Dresden, Frankfurt, 12 December 2019. Cloud&Heat Technologies and the Data Center business unit of NTT Ltd. are entering into a partnership and will be presenting in the Frankfurt Technology Experience Lab sustainable and secure IT solutions. The Micro Data Center from Cloud&Heat is the first water-cooled server rack on site and impresses with high energy efficiency and enormous power density. In addition, the hot water direct cooling enables the reuse of server waste heat.

The Technology Experience Labs of NTT's Data Centers division, one of the world's leading data centre providers, act as focal points for novel, forward-looking technologies. They provide exhibition space for customers as well as partners and give interested
companies the opportunity to gain insight into different data centre and cloud models and develop customised IT strategies together with NTT. Since October 2019, Cloud&Heat has been exhibiting a Micro Data Center (MDC) in the Technology Experience Lab at the Frankfurt location. In the Main metropolis, the Dresden-based green IT company also operates an environmentally friendly data centre in the Eurotheum high-rise, the former headquarters of the European Central Bank.

DShaping a sustainable digital future together

With the Micro Data Center, Cloud&Heat presents a sustainable and secure all-in-one solution for the future demands placed on data centres by the increasing digitalisation of the economy and society. Technical advances such as autonomous driving and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as artificial intelligence, deep learning and blockchain, require ever faster, more powerful and more secure processing of data - both at the edges of the cloud (edge computing) and in the data centres themselves. The computationally intensive applications are due
of the rising electricity demand is an increasing burden on the environment. That is why smart and sustainable solutions in the hardware and software sector are steadily gaining in importance. "As a global provider of data centres, we are always on the lookout for future-oriented solutions. The partnership with Cloud&Heat, which is particularly strong in the area of energy efficiency and sustainability, is therefore a logical step. Together we can benefit from the synergies that arise and advance the issue of environmental protection in the digital industry," says Toan Nguyen, Director Cloud Platform & Business Development at NTT Global Data Centers EMEA.

Space-saving data centre with innovative cooling

The exhibited Micro Data Center from Cloud&Heat is the first water-cooled server rack in the NTT Technology Experience Lab Frankfurt. The highlight: the innovative hot water direct cooling achieves a temperature level between 55 and 60 degrees and enables the re-use of the server waste heat for heating buildings and heating drinking water. In this way, the data centre's CO2 footprint is significantly lower than with commercially available solutions. The MDC is not only extremely energy-efficient, but also particularly space-saving thanks to its enormous power density. Cloud&Heat's cooling method also operates more quietly than servers with conventional air cooling. "We are very pleased about the cooperation. As an international player, NTT opens new doors for us and gives us the opportunity to present the advantages of our water cooling to a wider audience. Together with NTT, we want to pursue the vision of a sustainable and intelligent digital economy," says Nicolas Röhr, CEO of Cloud&Heat Technologies. SecuStack, which is based on OpenStack, will be used as the operating system. The software offers a range of mechanisms to harden the security of the cloud platform, which are particularly interesting for operators of critical infrastructures (CRITIS). These include end-to-end encryption, comprehensive key management and strict client separation.

Around the world with "Kraken

In addition to the showroom in Frankfurt, NTT currently operates four other Innovation Labs in Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Tokyo. For the future, NTT plans to expand and set up new showrooms at different locations in Europe, Japan and the USA. Cloud&Heat would also like to be represented here with its innovative solutions. Among other things, the software "Krake", which has been freely available for a short time, will make its appearance: The open-source application enables fully automatic intelligent load distribution of computing operations in decentralised data centre networks. Based on certain metrics, applications are always allocated to the location where they can be processed most efficiently. The real-time distribution and migration of computing jobs could, according to the plan, soon go live in the
NTT's Technology Experience Labs.

About Cloud&Heat Technologies

Secure, green, intelligent: Since 2011, Cloud&Heat has been shaking up the global cloud and data centre market with its vision of holistic and sustainable technology. Starting with the idea of using server waste heat for heating, the start-up has developed into an end-2-end partner for energy-efficient and secure public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. The Dresden-based green IT company builds and operates data centres with innovative hot water direct cooling and offers flexibly scalable GPU, CPU and storage offerings as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as well as individual IT infrastructures such as the Micro Data Center (MDC) and the Data Center Container (DCC). Cloud&Heat also sells intelligent software based on OpenStack. Together with secunet Security Networks, secustack GmbH was founded in 2019, which
offers transparent mechanisms for the security hardening of cloud solutions. As a practice partner of the AUDITOR project, Cloud&Heat is advancing the topics of compliance and data protection. The Dresden-based company has already received numerous awards for its innovative solutions, including the German Data Centre Award three times and the Tech Tour Innovation Award. Today, Cloud&Heat employs over 100 people, operates data centres at 24 locations and maintains international cooperations. Customers and partners include well-known companies such as Commerz Real, EnBW, NTT, Envirotech, innogy, Otto Group Digital Solutions, STULZ and Inabata. With the opening of an office in San Francisco at the beginning of 2019, Cloud&Heat also wants to establish itself on the US market in the future.

More information at www.cloudandheat.com.

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