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We are pleased to introduce MVP Tech as our new IT systems integration and customisation partner in the UAE.

About our partnership

Together with MVP Tech, we want to introduce sustainable and energy-saving data centres in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. The Gulf countries are very deliberate in their technology choices and have sharpened their focus on sustainable digitalisation for the benefit of future generations. Our goal is to unite digital infrastructure projects with the energy industry to recycle waste heat from data centres for various applications, such as desalination.

About MVP Tech

MVP Tech is a technology-driven security and IT systems integrator entrusted with the delivery of diverse and highly complex projects for government and military applications as well as leading private sector companies. Since its inception in 2003, MVP Tech has focused on growing its technical capabilities and skills in line with its founder's vision, building solid relationships with its clients while forming mutually beneficial partnerships with world-leading vendors. They deliver ISO-compliant, turnkey solutions developed by some of the brightest minds in the industry. They provide tangible long-term value by delivering high-quality, customised systems that safely solve today's challenges and intelligently anticipate tomorrow's.