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Managing Director N+P Informationssysteme in conversation

What does the company N+P do?

N+P is a medium-sized, owner-managed family business. We support our customers in creating end-to-end processes along the entire value chain. In the manufacturing and construction industry. In doing so, we connect IT systems and complement them with our own software solutions for mapping digital twins. Our services include consulting, development, implementation and operation of these solutions - all from a single source.

What project are you implementing with Cloud&Heat Technologies? 

We use C&H's Managed Kubernetes for the new generation of our own software products. Building on our new product - the N+P platform - we will provide our customers with new cloud services in the context of Smart Building and Smart Factory for the products SPARTACUS Facility Management® and NuPMES.

What were the particular challenges?

We were able to minimise the intensive challenges of the move because we had already tested the move to C&H in advance. Our platform instances were successfully moved to the C&H Kubernetes cluster in less than one working day.

How did you come to Cloud&Heat Technologies? 

We conducted a market research and the desire for a regional cooperation at eye level. In this context, we became aware of C&H's offers. Due to our long-standing cooperation with the computer science faculty of the TU Dresden, we discovered in the further course that there were even already joint personal contacts. In addition to the joint collaboration in the Silicon Saxony network, this was another plus point for the cooperation.

Why was regionality an important factor in the choice of partner?

We have already worked with various other cloud providers in advance. In the process, we realised that in the current situation it is very important for us to have a partner at eye level. That is, we needed a partner with whom we could exchange ideas in person, who was available for uncomplicated brainstorming and who could also give us tips on how to set things up. We didn't want to be just a number that could only communicate via e-mail. With C&H, we now have a much more interactive partner who can work directly with us on the problems. At the same time, this also strengthens the economy of the region, which is important to us as a Saxon family business.

What role does sustainability play for you as a company?  

Sustainable action plays a major role at N+P. As an owner-managed medium-sized company, we also have a responsibility for future generations. Particularly in the increasingly rapid progress of digitalisation, it is imperative to use (IT) resources efficiently and thus reduce CO2 emissions. With our solutions for the digital twin in the area of the smart factory and smart building, we also want to contribute to our users gaining transparency in their resource consumption and being able to reduce it.

The European GaiaX project is slowly gaining momentum and Cloud&Heat Technologies is very actively involved here. Is this also an issue at N+P? 

GAIA-X is a very important topic for N+P. Especially from the point of view of N+P products, it is an important initiative to create independence from the hyperscalers with uniform European standards and thus confidence in the use of the cloud in medium-sized businesses. The GAIA-X standards created will therefore also influence future N+P products. For example, we are a partner in the iECO project, which is supported as a lighthouse project by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.