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German AI research: Safe electronic systems for future vehicle generations

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Powerful and sustainable electronic systems are a key success factor for the mobility of the future. This is why the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is funding German AI research with 11.2 million euros to develop safe, innovative
Electronic systems for future vehicle generations. For the three-year progressivKI project, a consortium of 18 top-class partners from industry and research is working together. Together they cover all the necessary components of the value chain.

The aim of the project, which started in April 2021, is to develop a generalised AI-supported design process for electronic systems in vehicles. The use of AI methods has become absolutely necessary due to the significantly increasing system complexity on the way to autonomous and electrically driven vehicles. Functionally safe electronic systems should thus be developed faster, more reliably and more cost-effectively. Those involved in the project expect a significant acceleration of existing innovation cycles. progressivKI thus underlines the paradigm shift that artificial intelligence heralds for this century.

Dr. Michael Kühn from Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH is the overall project manager: "The use of AI in the design process of electronic vehicle components will significantly increase efficiency; for example, pre-trained AI modules using simulation data can significantly reduce the effort required for reviews of circuit diagrams or layout data. progressivKI is based on a highly
competent consortium of industry, research institutes and universities, which covers the entire value chain for the design of electronic systems. I expect significant added value from AI in the design process of electronic vehicle components during the three-year project period.

GAIA-X-compliant AI platform from Cloud&Heat in Dresden

Within the framework of the project, Cloud&Heat, as a cloud provider, takes over the development of the cloud-based and GAIA-X-compliant AI platform. For this purpose, the company defines the interfaces and components for connecting modular AI systems and develops and implements them. It then carries out the testing of the individual components and the overall system of the AI platform. Dr Maria Vaquero Martín, Innovation Manager at Cloud&Heat, explains: "progressivKI is a perfect example of how artificial intelligence can contribute to solving current challenges in industry. The consortium is ideally positioned not only to achieve the ambitious goals, but also to sustainably exploit the results. We are very excited to contribute our competences and experience in cloud platforms and GAIA-X and to help realise the potential of the AI services developed."

"Probably the most exciting project in the electronics industry".

A project of this size benefits from the broad-based expertise of the participants, which is why not only large established companies are involved, but also pioneers like CELUS. "The future of electronics development lies in automation through artificial intelligence. The complexity is increasing rapidly and existing tools simply cannot keep up. This poses major challenges for the industry. Challenges that require the cooperation of the most important players in this market.
requires. This is exactly what makes progressivKI probably the most exciting project in the electronics industry. Together with our partners, we will shape the future of development processes," says the founder and CEO of CELUS, Tobias Pohl. Founding member of the German AI Association and founder of Luminovo, Timon Ruban, is equally confident about the project's launch: "We work every day to accelerate technical progress, but only through collaboration across the entire industry can we succeed in the long term. That is why we are particularly motivated
To be part of this project with so many high profile partners and look forward to bringing our team's deep AI expertise to transform the electronics systems development process together."

The 18 consortium partners

Under the leadership of Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH, Infineon Technologies, Zuken, Microchip Technology Germany, Celus, Luminovo, Hood, Binder Elektronik, DIQA Projektmanagement, EMC Test NRW, InnoZent OWL e.V. and Cloud&Heat Technologies as well as the Fraunhofer institutions FIT/ENAS, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, TU Dortmund, HSU Hamburg, TU Berlin and HS Hamm-Lippstadt/System Integration Laboratory are participating.

Funding code 19A21006A-R

Contact the progressiveKI project via progressivki-office@mail.edacentrum.de.

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