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GAIA-X Summit 2020 - Presentation of progress

Cloud&Heat Technologies Press News Article

GAIA-X Summit 2020: Peter Altmaier and the project participants, including Cloud&Heat, present the progress of the European Cloud Initiative

Dresden, 17.11.2020. At the GAIA-X Summit on 18 and 19 November 2020, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Peter Altmaier and the GAIA-X project participants will present the results to date, the goals for the next project phase and the future prospects of the initiative. This has taken on the development of technologies and standards for an interoperable, European cloud. As one of the first companies involved, Cloud&Heat is also taking part and is pushing the topic of "sustainability" in the GAIA-X context.

On 18 and 19 November 2020, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Peter Altmaier and the participants of the GAIA-X project will gather for a digital summit to usher in the next phase of the project and share the progress made so far with the public. Since the founding announcement of the GAIA-X Association in June 2020, a lot has happened in the GAIA-X project: in the meantime, more companies, including a great many from all over Europe, have joined the project to establish a European alternative on the global cloud market. For the first time
a joint demonstrator will also be presented. Since this month, the Federal Ministry of Economics has been awarding project contracts for GAIA-X, including to Cloud&Heat Technologies, in order to accelerate the implementation of the core elements of GAIA-X. The Dresden-based green IT company has already been very committed to the initiative for a year, and in the meantime sustainability has also become a key issue.

"GAIA-X is an important part of Europe's digital future. I am pleased about the successes achieved, the increased importance of the topic of sustainability for the project and the next development phase with a view to the interoperability and standardisation of European cloud solutions, in which Cloud&Heat will again be heavily involved," explains Dr Ronny Reinhardt, Team Lead Business Development at Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH.

Important step towards more transparency: self-descriptions by providers

As part of the presentation of the "GAIA-X demonstrators", Dr. Ronny Reinhardt will highlight the importance of self-descriptions for the project together with Pierre Gronlier from OVHcloud on 19 November. The joint presentation of Cloud&Heat and OVHcloud also has a symbolic effect for the stronger growing together of the initiative - as recently as June, both companies presented the results from separate demonstration projects.

The GAIA-X self-description of the individual providers is intended to make digital infrastructures more transparent for users in the future - a core concern of the initiative. In this way, the characteristics of the infrastructure, such as security certificates, server locations or even sustainability aspects, can be understood. The aim is for users to then be able to select the providers that suit them on the basis of the self-descriptions via a search and filter function. Cloud&Heat, for example, describes a service offering including German hardware from Thomas-Krenn.AG, which uses water-cooled servers. To date, the number of self-descriptions is still small, Cloud&Heat is one of the pioneers here.

GAIA-X: Regions like Saxony can particularly benefit

Through the use of open technologies and the goal of creating a high degree of networking, GAIA-X also offers huge potential to regional providers in particular. In addition, a variety of different catalogues with clearly defined service offerings tailored to specific industries, companies and regions will be made available in the future. One example of this would be the AI Platform Saxony (KIPS), which combines artificial intelligence and cloud computing for small and medium-sized enterprises in Saxony.

"I find it remarkable how many companies and individuals are now enthusiastically working on GAIA-X. The project now enjoys enormous approval. GAIA-X is alive. But the question will be: How do we get the vision implemented in a concrete and timely manner and reconcile all the requirements?", says Dr. Ronny Reinhardt.

Dates with Cloud&Heat at the Summit

18 November at 11 am

Nicolas Röhrs, CEO and co-founder of Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH, will take part in the moderated panel discussion "GAIA-X as a joint endeavour for data and cloud sovereignty", discussing the role of GAIA-X for European users and service providers and their commitment to the project.

19 November at 11:30

In a presentation entitled "GAIA-X demonstrators", Dr Ronny Reinhardt, Team Lead Business Development at Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH, highlights the importance of the self-description for the project. Based on the GAIA-X self-description of the individual providers, digital infrastructures are to become more transparent for users in the future - a core concern of the European initiative.

All further information on the GAIA-X Summit, the participants and the programme of the Europe Cloud Summit can be found under this Link.