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AI-Sprint - EU Research Initiative

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The EU's AI-SPRINT research initiative aims to innovate artificial intelligence applications.
Driving intelligence in cloud and edge environments


Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a key driver of economic development and will play an important role in shaping global competitiveness and productivity in the coming years. With the ongoing development of AI applications such as intelligent personal assistants, video/audio surveillance, smart city applications, autonomous driving and
Industry 4.0 also increases the need to optimise the use of computing resources for data collection, processing and analysis. At the same time, data protection must be maintained and the security of the data increased.

The EU research initiative AI-SPRINT (Artificial Intelligence in Secure PRIvacy-preserving computing coNTinuum) is developing a new framework for the development and operation of AI applications in connected computing environments. Key deliverables include novel tools that enable secure execution, ease of deployment, and runtime management and optimisation of AI applications. They help address the current technological challenges of using resources in the edge-to-cloud context in terms of flexibility, analytics scalability, interoperability, energy efficiency, security and privacy.

In this way, AI-SPRINT meets the digitisation needs of businesses and the public sector, demonstrating its competitive advantage and replicability in three real-world scenarios in line with EU guidance on AI investment. These include Agriculture 4.0, Maintenance and Inspection, and Personalised Healthcare.

But that's not all: a special AI-SPRINT Alliance is also being set up to support the AI and edge computing ecosystem in collaboration with small software houses and EU cloud providers. Alliance members can join the planned Acceleration Club (A3C), where they can use AI-SPRINT design tools and runtime environment. This will provide advanced design solutions that are hosted in their platform: Application deployment and resource management can be extended from their internal cloud servers to edge servers and AI-enabled sensors or end-user devices, enabling the seamless execution of apps
optimised across the computing continuum.



AI-SPRINT is a research and innovation action co-funded by the European Commission, H2020 programme, under Grant Agreement 101016577. The consortium brings together nine domain-qualified partners from six European countries with SMEs and researchers combining their expertise in the cloud: Germany (Technical University of Dresden, Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH), France (Gregoire), Spain (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, University Politecnica de Valencia), Italy (Politecnico di Milano - Coordinators, Trust-IT Services Srl, IDC Italia), Romania (Beck et Al Services Srl) and Poland (Air Fusion and 7Bulls).

Learn more: www.ai-sprint-project.eu