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55% Package of the European Commission

The European Commission wants to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. It therefore plans to transform our economy and society to reduce emissions, create jobs and growth, tackle energy poverty, reduce dependence on external energy sources and improve our security of supply and health and well-being.

To achieve these goals, one of the key milestones is to reduce emissions by 55 % by 2030.

The 55% package is part of the European Green Deal and puts the EU on a path to meet its climate targets in a fair, cost-effective and competitive way.

As part of the package, greater use of renewable energy is planned, as well as the renovation of buildings as key to reducing energy consumption and lowering emissions through the use of renewable energy sources and minimising electricity bills. Furthermore, the European Commission wants to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean fuels to drive the decarbonisation of industry. We at Cloud&Heat are very pleased that the EU wants to drive the change towards more environmental friendliness and sustainability. "Fit for 55 is only possible on a holistic basis and I look forward to contributing to this with our holistic green computing approach," says Dr Jens Struckmeier, CTO & Founder Cloud&Heat Technologies.

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