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OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver

13 June - 15 June

OpenInfra Summit 13 - 15 June 2023 Vancouver | Cloud&Heat

From 13 - 15 June 2023, the OpenInfra Foundation (formerly OpenStack Foundation) invites you to the OpenInfra Summit. After events in Berlin, Shanghai and Denver, this year's summit will take place in Vancouver, Canada.

Visitors can look forward to a full program with over 100 keynotes and presentations, practical workshops and hand-on tutorials, as well as the opportunity for intensive exchange and networking in the open source community.

Cloud&Heat Technologies with three presentations at OpenInfra Summit

We are very pleased that the presentations we submitted were accepted and that we can thus place three exciting and important topics for the open source community at the OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver. We are also particularly pleased that we will be presenting a paper on the association that we co-founded. ALASCA e.V. and we will be able to represent ALASCA in Vancouver.

OpenInfra Summit Vancouver | Stefan Hoffmann & Robert Franzke | "Fearless automation: Deploying OpenStack on top of Kubernetes with YAOOK"
Thu, June 15, 10:20am - 10:50am | Vancouver Convention Centre - Room 11

Fearless automation: Deploying OpenStack on top of Kubernetes with YAOOK

In a cooperation of Cloud and Heat and the Schwarz Group we created the Lifecycle Management Tool for OpenStack "Yaook" (Yet another openstack on kubernetes). Since 2021 it is available as opensource. The Yaook project aims to be the next step in automating deployment and operation of OpenStack clouds. In its core, it relies on Kubernetes operators, small pieces of code which compare observed and intended state in order to determine actions to converge the system. This idea can, however, be taken to a next level: What if there was a control loop which managed an entire OpenStack deployment? Yaook provides just that. Beyond the initial installation, it supports "Day 2 operation" tasks, such as upgrades and node maintenance / reinstallation. At the same time, Yaook knows its limits and will wait for human operator input in cases of potential loss of data or availability. That way, Yaook makes for a resilient and reliable life-cycle management of OpenStack clouds.

OpenInfra Summit Vancouver | Anja Strunk | "Fostering Data Sovereignty of OpenStack operated Clouds with Gaia-X Self-Descriptions"
Thu, June 15, 3:20pm - 3:50pm | Vancouver Convention Centre - Room 8/15

Fostering Data Sovereignty of OpenStack operated Clouds with Gaia-X Self-Descriptions

You are willing to use an OpenStack public cloud as a customer? Great! But wait - how about data sovereignty? How to ensure that your data is processed according to technical or legal regulations that your business or your own customers require? OpenStack will not do this for you and providers may use proprietary formats. In this context, Gaia-X develops a federated open data infrastructure based on European values regarding data sovereignty. Self-Descriptions and Trust Framework are core elements. Self-Descriptions provide a standardised, machine-executable vocabulary to describe different aspects of service and data processing. Trust Framework defines guidelines for use of that vocabulary. Both concepts enable cloud users to make self-sovereign descissions on where and how their data is processed on a high level of trust.

This session shows how Gaia-X Self-Descriptions for OpenStack clouds may look like, how they can be retreived automatically and used to obtain digital sovereignty.

OpenInfra Summit Vancouver | Maria Vaquero | "The C is for Cloud: ALASCA - our answer to the call for digital sovereignty"
Thu, June 15, 4:00pm - 4:30pm | Vancouver Convention Centre - Room 8/15

The C is for Cloud: ALASCA - our answer to the call for digital sovereignty

Digital sovereignty remains a hot topic in 2023 - and yet, it is often still just talked about instead of actively tackled. One major area where the need for more sovereignty is immense is the cloud space. The dependency on hyperscalers is still far too high - often because companies and the public sector lack both suitable tools and knowledge for setting up and operating their own cloud infrastructure. This is where ALASCA comes in - our newly founded non-profit association for operational, open cloud infrastructures. ALASCA's mission is twofold: First, we develop open source technologies (such as our Lifecycle Management Tool for OpenStack Yaook) that are ready for application. Second, we raise awareness, educate and provide concrete guidance for using our tools, so that organizations can overcome the hurdles for the deployment of their own cloud. This way, ALASCA not only sends a signal for digital sovereignty, but also creates a real, strong contribution.


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