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01099 Dresden

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About Cloud&Heat

Since its founding in 2011, the vision of Cloud&Heat Technologies has been to make sustainability the driver of digital innovation. The Dresden-based company develops, builds and operates energy-efficient, green, secure and scalable data centers that meet the requirements of the digital future. Private and public cloud solutions based on OpenStack are offered in two different business fields: small-scale IT infrastructures with the Micro Data Center (MDC) or the Data Center Container (DCC) for small- and medium sized enterprises, as well as large-scale IT infrastructures, all custom-made with complete combinations of cloud and heating solutions. In both business fields a innovative hot water-direct cooling system is used. This system recycles waste heat from the data centers at a constant 60 degrees Celsius to heat buildings or to pass on to the district and local heating networks. Cloud&Heat builds and operates the most energy-efficient and cost-effective data centers worldwide and has already won multiple awards with its technology. Businesses such as Innogy, Commerz Real and STULZ from Germany as well as Inabata from Japan belong to its partners and customers.

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Konstantin Kleinichen

Marketing Manager

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