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    STACKIT and Cloud&Heat release Yaook

    11.08.2021 - by Theresa Kambor


    With STACKIT, the digital brand of the Schwarz IT we are releasing Yaook, which is an important step towards a powerful, transparent cloud, based on open-source and hosted in Germany.

    Scope of Yaook

    With Yaook, which stands for “Yet another OpenStack on Kubernetes” both partners made an important step towards more digital sovereignty. It renders it possible to deploy and operate own Cloud infrastructures based on Open Source. Therefore, Yaook is providing a fully automated and free OpenStack Lifecycle Management (LCM) which not only focuses on provisioning OpenStack iteself, but also on all other aspects relevant for managing OpenStack-based infrastructures, e.g., hardware inventory and monitoring. Also generetic day 2 operation tasks are natively included in Yaook’s scope.


    Based on Kubernetes, Yaook will be used for cloud offers by STACKIT and Cloud&Heat. The partners mostly address medium-sized companies, which attach importance to high security standards.

    Yaook and GAIA-X

    “We are convinced that digital sovereignty is only possible based on open-source cloud infrastructures. Even the GAIA-X-initiative won’t be able to fulfill their targets without open infrastructures. Open Source is an important requirement for interoperability and independence. Only that way it’s possible to efficiently avoid ‘vendor-lock-in’.” says Marius Feldmann, COO Cloud&Heat Technologies.


    There will be no interference with the European GAIA-X initiative with the developed project. The partners are hoping that with GAIA-X an ecosystem will be created in which cloud offerings are jointly developed and operated. Accordingly, STACKIT and Cloud&Heat support the goals of the Sovereign Cloud Stack with YAOOK and actively exchange ideas with them.

    Transparency and security with SecuStack

    Yaook can also be used for SecuStack. In addition to the secure transfer of data to the cloud and a strict separation of client networks, this gives customers full control over their cryptographic keys. With the additional security mechanisms, it is particularly attractive for operators of critical infrastructures (KRITIS) with particularly high demands on data protection and security.

    About STACKIT and Cloud&Heat

    Since 2020 Cloud&Heat partners with STACKIT, the digital brand by the Schwarz IT and part of Europeans biggest trading company. With the release of Yaook yet another milestone was set towards more sovereignty for digital infrastructures.



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