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Webinar Managed Kubernetes: Containerization of Machine Learning Applications

12.06.2020 - by Sarah Günther


Meetings cancelled? Conferences postponed? Working from home? Especially in times of physical distance it is fortunately easy for us as an IT infrastructure provider to simply continue working virtually connected. That’s exactly why we are shifting Meetups and Co. to the web. In a series of webinars about Managed Kubernetes provided in the next few weeks, you can stay both in homeoffice and get the opportunity for virtual expert exchange! We are looking forward to meeting your company digitally:


  • When: 22.06.2020, 4 pm CEST
  • Where: At your home or digital room (access data will follow after registration)
  • Speaker: Juan Fraire, Consultant Cloud&Heat Technologies South Ameria
  • Topic: Containerizing machine learning applications – a tutorial for our managed K8s service
  • Language: English

What to Expect

In our third session our colleague, Juan Fraire from Cloud&Heat South America, will talk about containerization of machine learning applications. Following a general introduction about Machine Learning in the context of Managed Kubernetes, he will discuss how to set up an environment to develop Machine Learning applications using Tensor Flow and Keras. Finally, he will deploy an application in Kubernetes. The webinar includes a theoretical introduction as well as actual practical Python coding.



Further webinars will follow – #StayTuned


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Sarah Guenther

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