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    Webinar: Liquid cooled Servers (LCS): Efficient water-cooling in data centers

    15.10.2020 - by Theresa Kambor

    Sustainable, enery-effficient, cost-efficient:

    Compared to conventional air-cooling, water-cooling has a lot of advantages. The webinar with Thomas Krenn will focus on the functions as well as advantages of water-cooling in data centers – compared to conventional air-cooling.

    Hard Facts

    • When: 21.10.2020, 10 am CEST
    • Where: Online!
    • Registration: Here
    • Speaker: Christian Kallenbach, Head of Sales, Datacenter Infrastructure & Lucas Drews, Product Management, Datacenter Infrastructure
    • Topic: Liquid cooled Servers (LCS): Efficient water-cooling in data centers
    • Language: German


    • What is LCS? (Compares air- and water-cooling)
    • How do water-cooled LCS servers, powered by Cloud&Heat, work?
    • Power and Water: does this really work?
    • Are there any differences between LCS by Thomas Krenn compared to other water-cooled systems on the market?
    • Why is water-cooling for me as a customer useful?
    • For what purposes of use are LCS?
    • Which requirements do I need for using LCS?

    Target Group

    • HPC, AI / ML / Big Data
    • Automotive Industry
    • General industry HPC customers
    • DAX / SME
    • Finance, Insurance, Medical Technology
    • Pharma Industry
    • Research & Development
    • Universities
    • Rendering / Entertainment
    • Robotics


    Our Mission

    Future of Compute.
    Green, Open, Efficient.


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