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Thomas-Krenn.AG launches water-cooled standard server

13.07.2020 - by Sarah Günther


We announced our partnership with Thomas-Krenn.AG only two months ago. Now, a first combined offer of a Thomas-Krenn best selling server model equipped with our direct hot water cooling solution goes on the market and will be suitable for typical workloads in companies and data centers, virtualization and cloud computing.

Mainboard components are equipped with Cloud&Heat cooling kits

In the modified version of the Dual-CPU system RI2208, the mainboard components such as CPU, chipsets, and voltage converters, which contribute particularly strongly to heat production, are equipped with Cloud&Heat cooling kits. Apart from that, the hardware equipment of the RI2208-LCS does not differ from the basic version.

Green IT for the environment – and for your wallet

Compared to conventional air-cooled servers, the water-cooled server promises reduced power consumption and results in significant energy and CO² savings. Other efforts are the possibility to use the server waste heat for building heating or similar purposes and the high power density, which ensures high IT capacities even where space is limited. Water-cooled servers also have a positive effect on the service life of server components, as it ensures continuous operation in the optimum temperature range and avoids local overheating.

Joint complete service package of both companies

The offer includes a complete package of planning and installation of the required infrastructure by Cloud&Heat as well as consulting and support over the entire life cycle of the products by both partners. Through the Cloud&Heat Micro Datacenter, in combination with the standard server technology of Thomas-Krenn, the advantages of the water cooling already come into effect for smaller installations from a single rack and for classic virtualized server workloads. The solution can also be installed in already existing data centers, by using the existing infrastructure.



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