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    The future of data centers is energy efficiency

    19.03.2021 - by Theresa Kambor


    Sustainable technologies in data centers are becoming increasingly important. To achieve climate targets by 2030, various solutions are being developed, for example the optimization of IT and infrastructure cooling in combination with waste heat utilization in data centers.

    SCHÄFER IT-Systems and Cloud&Heat have joined forces to further reduce the power required for cooling data centers

    Currently, between 40 and 60 percent of the total power used in data centers is required for cooling IT components. By using iQdata cooling components, the existing approach of direct hot water cooling can be further optimized and developed. The InRackcooler from SCHÄFER IT-Systems enables CPUs to be directly cooled using direct hot water cooling technology. In order to meet the complex technical requirements of waste heat reusage, the InRackcooler was optimized in a joint effort by Cloud&Heat and SCHÄFER IT-Systems. The compact design makes it possible to carry out assembly directly within the IT racks.


    “On our journey to build a sustainable and secure digital infrastructure in Europe, we are very pleased to work with a strong partner such as SCHÄFER IT-Systems. Together, we have set ourselves the goal of developing systems for highly efficient cooling and waste heat utilization in data centers and future edge locations,” said Jens Struckmeier, founder and CTO of Cloud&Heat Technologies.

    About SCHÄFER IT-Systems

    SCHÄFER IT-Systems is an innovative manufacturer of tailored network and server cabinet solutions as well as data center solutions for conventional and complex applications and is part of the SCHÄFER WERKE Group. SCHÄFER WERKE Group operates in various industries worldwide with diversified business areas.


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