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    Sustainable & efficient colocation data center for Norway

    24.11.2020 - by Theresa Kambor


    Since 2012, Aquila Capital has been developing sustainable, energy-efficient real estate and logistics projects in Europe. It was just a matter of time, that the Hamburg-based real asset specialist was laying the foundation for the entry into the data center market. As the company just announced, they are working on the construction of a sustainable and energy-efficient colocation data center close to Oslo, Norway.


    “The project fits seamlessly into the sustainable investment strategy of Aquila Capital” says Roman Rosslenbroch, CEO and co-founder of Aquila Capitals, “The global demand for new technologies based on energy-intensive IT applications is steadily increasing. As a result, more and more climate-damaging greenhouse gases are being emitted. With sustainable and above all energy-efficient data center, we are making a significant contribution to global CO2 emissions.”

    Why Norway?

    With the well-developed digital infrastructures and low energy costs, Norway offers optimal conditions for the operation of data centers and therefore great benefits for the customers. 96% of Norway’s electricity supply is generated by hydropower, which makes the source of energy renewable, flexible, and reliable. Being one of the largest owners of small hydro power plants in Norway, it makes it possible to provide low electricity costs and long-term energy contracts with a secure price stability.

    Cloud&Heat and Aquila Capital

    For the implementation of the project, Aquila Capital found the perfect partner in us. Because of our long-time experience in construction of energy- and cost-efficient data center solutions, we make the perfect fit.


    By the end of 2021, a capacity of up to ten megawatts of IT power with focus on high performance computing (HPC) applications, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or graphic calculations will be provided for client services on an area of 20,000 square meters. In the data center there will be a hybrid cooling system installed. This allows energy-efficient water or air cooling, which significantly reduces the operating costs and CO2 emissions.

    AQ Compute

    AQ Compute provides cost-efficient and customized colocation capacities combined with 100 % renewable energy. The data center brand of Aquila Capital aims to develop climate-positive colocation data centers and is currently working on various concepts for the reuse of excess heat.

    About Aquila Capital

    Aquila Group is a leading investment manager in real asset solutions. Its sustainable investment strategy focuses on investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, infrastructure, residential real estate, green logistics as well as timber and agriculture. Founded in 2001 as one of the first German alternative investment firms, Aquila Group currently manages EUR 11.1 billion for institutional investors worldwide (as of 30 June 2020).


    Over the last decade, Aquila Group has built a truly pan-European asset portfolio with investments in the renewable energy sector amounting to a total capacity of 6.5 GW and over 2 million square meters of sustainable real estate and green logistics projects completed or under development. Through its investments, Aquila Group is committed to contributing to the European energy transition.


    To create value for its investors, Aquila Group employs a fully integrated investment and asset management approach. With 14 offices in 12 countries, Aquila Group’s dedicated expert investment teams draw on their sector networks and experience to screen, develop, finance, manage and operate investments along the entire value chain.


    Our Mission

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