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    Release the Krake! - Our new orchestration software goes open-source

    22.10.2019 - by Matthias Goerens & Juan Fraire

    A global perspective on the energy efficiency of data centers

    Cloud&Heat has always focused on providing energy-efficient data centers. In the last 8 years, we have developed an innovative water cooling technology for servers, converting waste heat into a valuable asset. By doing so, we have already greatly improved the energy efficiency of individual data centers. However, this isn’t enough. To globally maximize the efficiency of distributed data center infrastructures, we developed a software: Krake.


    Intelligent software to schedule compute jobs

    Krake is an orchestration software for compute-intensive jobs. It improves the global cost and energy efficiency of infrastructures by balancing the load between data centers. Krake evaluates and selects the most efficient site to run jobs based on certain metrics, such as energy availability, heat demand, and latency. It also reacts to changes in the system by migrating jobs. In other words, it ensures a job is run in the most energy- and/or cost-efficient way at any given time.


    A huge variety of use cases

    Just like us, many data center operators are running a distributed infrastructure at different geographical locations, with heterogeneous hardware and software. Krake is flexible enough to address many use cases on such an Edge Cloud infrastructure, comprising of:


    Cost optimization: Schedule jobs depending on economical factors, minimizing the global costs of running an application.

    Latency optimization: Use latency as the primary optimization factor for scheduling Real-time applications.

    Regulation aspects: Ensure an application is running in a specific country to abide by regulation constraints.


    Release the Krake!

    We believe that open-source development improves trust and helps build better software. That’s why we are really excited to announce that Krake is now open-source and licensed under the Apache License 2.0. The source code is available on GitLab. Every decision, regarding design and development, is now completely public and transparent.


    Joint effort

    All users and companies are free to use Krake. Everyone can contribute by submitting bug reports or by proposing changes to the code base. The software is actively developed by a diverse team of engineers. Krake is the heart of a sustainable cloud computing future, where data processing is no longer a waste but a means of transforming energy.


    Download Krake, use it, improve it, and help us building the future of compute!


    Our Mission

    We build the most

    energy efficient data centers. Worldwide.


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