Mobile Cloud&Heat

What is Mobile Cloud&Heat?

Our mobile container data center solution is locatable anywhere and can be scaled up from 10 servers to thousands of servers. We supply them in units of up to 5 Datacenters-in-a-Box: that’s 200 or more servers in one easily transportable shipping container, with record breaking energy density up to 350kW per container.

Discover more about our work delivering Mobile Cloud&Heat for Inabata, a major trade partnership for the Asian market and an order for a fully

equipped container with GPU computing power. Download our product sheet

Container data center


  • Machine learning
  • Image recognition
  • Computer-aided engineering
  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum mining
  • Energy provider
  • Companies with substantial investment in digitalization


  • Ready-to-use for any size application
  • Easy to grow and add to existing systems
  • Outstanding computing power
  • Energy efficient: reduced CO2 emissions
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to transport, store and relocate to a different installation site
  • Multiple possible configurations
  • Reliable and fully monitored by Cloud&Heat experts
  • Heat recovery and optional district heating


  • Up to 40 server blades each DiaB
  • 1 rack for network purpose
  • CPU: Dual socket Intel Xeon E5-2600, 2 x 4 up to 2 x 22 cores
  • RAM: DDR4-1600 / 1866 / 2133 ECC
  • 8 modules and up to 512 GB per server
  • Server storage: 1-2 SSDs per server
  • Storage: up to 480 TB

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