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New offer: Evaluation of holistic business model for municipal utilities

26.05.2020 - by Franziska Büttner


Throughout Germany, utilities are making progress with digitization. However, there are often implementation hurdles and they need support in implementing the measures.

Municipal utilities as ideal provider for digital infrastructures


Municipal utilities offer ideal conditions for establishing themselves as providers of digital infrastructures. Cost advantages compared to other cloud providers can be achieved by providing own energy supply and existing properties which can be used as datacenter sites. Furthermore, reliability has always been anchored in the company’s DNA. This creates a high level of fundamental trust both for potential and existing customers. This facilitates market entry.

Market potential analysis by experienced digital infrastructure operator


With its long-term experience in datacenter operations and cloud infrastructure setups, Cloud&Heat helps entering this new market and develops a customized strategy. The new offer includes the analysis of both the municipal utility and their customers. Based on these findings, Cloud&Heat creates a business and investment case indicating the profits resulting from a product and service portfolio expansion.


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