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    Meet Leonie Banzer

    16.10.2019 - by Konstantin Kleinichen

    „Dubai unites the Arabic, Oriental and Western world and creates a unique hub of knowledge.“

    Last week, she was busy pitching and networking for Cloud&Heat at the Gitex Technology Week in Dubai. Today, we are really happy to interview our new go-getter in the UAE region.


    Leonie, since the start of September you’ve been Business Development Manager for Cloud&Heat in Dubai. How do you feel?


    I feel energetic, excited and very capable of bringing Cloud&Heat’s green solutions to the Gulf Region. It’s a great idea: to make the world more sustainable through German innovation, especially in the oil states.


    When did you initially discover Cloud&Heat? What convinced you to join us?


    In April this year, when my good friend, Stefan, told me about the project in Dubai. I was interested from the very first conversation. My decision was finalized during the meeting with Nicolas in Dubai in June. I knew then that I wanted to be part of it!


    How long have you been living in Dubai? How did you come to reside in the Desert Metropolis?


    I’ve been acquainted with Dubai since 2001, when there were only two hotels: the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. As a child, I attended an international German school here. After working in Berlin, Los Angeles and Mexico City, I moved back to Dubai in 2018. I always knew that I wanted to return here. Dubai unites the Arabic, Oriental and Western world and creates a unique hub of knowledge.


    What differences have you noticed in the data center market between the UAE, the US and Europe? Are there any new developments?


    The United Arab Emirates are heavily dependent on innovative imports and they are well aware of it. There is significantly more funding available than anywhere else in the world. Digitalization and sustainability are the hot topics for the upcoming Expo 2020 in Dubai. Furthermore, a new standard has been set regarding data protection (ICT Law 2019): Secure data storage within the country’s borders.


    Water cooling for data centers as a technology is still widely unknown in the Emirates. How would you convince the local industry of our solutions?


    We are a first mover in the Gulf Region, no doubt about it. Our sophisticated solutions hit the market in many ways. Cloud&Heat’s Data Center Container, for example, is not only powerful, energy-efficient and highly versatile, but also the recovered waste heat can be used both for heating and cooling. Cloud&Cool instead of Cloud&Heat! And, of course, the container meets the cultural needs of physically storing the „new oil“ (data).


    You’ve studied in Europe, the US and Dubai. You speak Chinese, Arabic, English and German and have already achieved so much. What motivates you? What are your mid-term personal and professional goals?


    I have always had the freedom to do what I desire. That’s what I’ve always done and I have been able to work on projects that I enjoy, that convince me personally. I can imagine a life in Dubai, at least for the next five years if not longer. Eventually, I will return to Germany. I’m a great nature enthusiast and would not want to miss it.


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