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    Interview with the President of Cloud&Heat US

    14.08.2019 - by Konstantin Kleinichen

    „Preserving the earth for future generations is one of my greatest life goals and my passion.“

    Recently we met up with Yo Yoshida, the new President of Cloud&Heat US, and took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his plans for the future.


    Yo, can you tell us a bit about your life and your career path?


    After years of exploring different sectors, I found my path about 15 years ago. I finally stepped out on my own – from the traditional corporate infrastructure – and became a serial entrepreneur. Taking my passion for creation and solving societal problems, I found my life and career path.


    How did you come to learn of Cloud&Heat?


    C&H and I have a mutual friend; already a savant coder at 18, I brought him over from Germany to the US where we worked together for a number of years. He became a thought leader in multiple sectors including data centers in Europe. I was looking for a new project when he approached me and told me about a fantastic opportunity. Cloud&Heat US! I was and am elated.


    We are ecstatic to have you as the new President of Cloud&Heat US, but what does this mean to you?


    One of my biggest goals in life is to leave the world a better place. Almost all of my projects have provided a benefit for current and future generations. As President, I have the opportunity to revolutionize the DC market by providing powerful infrastructures to the Edge that also deliver incredible environmental benefits. Cleaner, greener, meaner solutions to advance mankind, technology and protect the environment: it means everything to me.


    What are your plans for Cloud&Heat in the US? Where do you see the most potential?


    In the past six months, I have built the infrastructure to support Cloud&Heat’s US Market. My goal now is to implement our strategic plan and deliver our infrastructures to prosumers and the rapidly-developing Edge. With 5G, AI and IoT rapidly ramping up, our ability to integrate clean and powerful C&H solutions into urban environments is key. We are vigorously striving with large scale urban developers to achieve this.


    Aside from business, what are you passionate about?


    I believe family is the most important thing to be passionate about. Teaching my 5-year-old son, Ronan, about the world and our place in it drives many of my decisions and activities, including my involvement in C&H. Preserving the earth for his and future generations of our family and yours is one of my greatest life goals and my passion.


    Thank you so much for your time, Yo!


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