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    Green Data Centers for Singapore

    3.06.2019 - by Baljit Nitzsche

    Smart City searching for green innovation

    Lucas Drews, team lead of our Container Division, is preparing for a 12-hour flight that will take him to Singapore for the Liveability Challenge finale. Cloud&Heat triumphed over 300 competitors and is now one of six final contestants in Asia’s biggest competition centered around sustainability. In line with the motto “It’s not time to give up,” investors are looking for innovative projects that will sustainably improve the standard of living and create a greener future. A financial reward of up to 1 million Singapore dollars goes to support the implementation of the winning project.

    Cooling the future with water

    Although the island city-state is hardly larger than Hamburg, Singapore has in recent years become one of the most sustainable and safest cities in the world. Lucas will present “Green Data Centers for Smart Cities”, our idea for energy-efficient and sustainable data centers spread throughout Singapore. Our solutions provide flexible and secure IT infrastructures that can support future applications such as autonomous driving, smart homes, IoT, and much more. Thanks to the innovative water cooling technology, not only are costs and energy saved, but valuable resources are preserved and CO2 emissions are reduced as well.


    We are excited to see which project convinces the investors the most and wish Lucas lots of luck for the finale on Friday!

    UPDATE (June 7, 2019)

    The trip to Singapore reached its climax yesterday evening with the finale of the Liveability Challenge. We congratulate the winner ‘Sophie’s Kitchen’ and thank Eco-Business for the opportunity to present our ideas on such a prominent platform. Although we came short of the grand prize, we return proudly with valuable experiences and a greater network of contacts in Singapore.


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