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    GC Tech-Talk #2

    19.05.2022 - by Olesja Schumann

    Join our new event format – the monthly GREEN-CIS Tech-Talks, an open platform for the sharing of innovative projects related to sustainable Cloud infrastructures, Cloud services and Cloud use cases!

    Hard facts

    Tech-Talk #2


    2 June, 2022

    (And for the upcoming tech-talks every last Thursday of the month, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, TT #2 being an exception)



    • Pierre Gronlier, CTO | Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL
      Topic: „Gaia X Compliance and Labels“

      As Gaia-X aims to provide a higher and unprecedented level of trust in digital platforms, we need to consider the need to make this trust easy to understand and adopt. For this reason, Gaia-X developed a Compliance and Labelling technological Framework that automate all the tests and verifications needed to give a service a specific Label.

      Gaia X CTO Pierre Gronlier will walk you through the difference between Compliance and Label, and how Gaia-X labels have been defined to identify what ‘safe’ or ‘secure’ or ‘trusted’ can mean in a specific regulated market.

      The presentation will show, how GREEN-CIS could easily build a lighthouse use case for infrastructure projects. Based on enhanced IPCEI-CIS / Gaia-X capabilities, it will be shown, how infrastructure projects could benefit from mapping data from different authorities towards a common data basis for the project.

    • N+P Informationssysteme
      Topic „Digital Twin Use Case”


    What is the focus of the GC Tech-Talks?

    The GREEN-CIS Tech-Talks focus on projects that have the potential to improve digital infrastructures and cloud services, as well as on the use cases that rely on these infrastructures and services. Interesting topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Concepts, technologies or prototypical implementations that improve the sustainability of cloud infrastructures and services
    • Concepts or technologies to achieve interoperability, security, scalability and openness of cloud services in Multi-Cloud setting
    • Initial implementation and prototypes of the concepts that are being jointly developed in communities such as Gaia-X
    • Use cases that rely on Cloud services


    Who can participate in the meetings?

    Anyone who is interested in the discussed topics.


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    Who can present a project in the meetings?

    Anyone who has a potentially relevant contribution to the community. The presentations can focus on projects in different maturity stages and should include technical aspects (i.e.: an initial technical concept or an overview of the implementation). Since the Tech-Talks are open, all speakers should use discretion regarding the disclosure of confidential information.

    Please submit your ideas for Tech-Talks to tech-talk@cloudandheat.com.


    The story behind the GREEN-CIS Tech-Talk

    In the summer of 2021, 28 partners joined forces to submit a project proposal to the call for expressions of interest for the IPCEI-CIS (Important Project of Common European Interest on Cloud Infrastructure and Services). The proposal was submitted under the name GREEN-CIS (General Purpose Resilient and Secure Energy Efficient Computing Infrastructure Network) and focused on developing and building a virtual, sustainable Cloud-Edge system for Europe, based on a decentralized, multi-provider open-source ecosystem that can operate as a seamless unit. Not all partners made it through the pre-selection process, but they still share the vision of an open, sustainable future of the Cloud infrastructure and services. The GREEN-CIS Tech-Talks were devised as an open community to continue driving this vision forward and to lay the grounds for an innovative and collaborative ecosystem for joint projects.


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    • June 30, 2022

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