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    GAIA-X - Towards digital sovereignty

    18.02.2021 - by Sarah Günther


    GAIA-X is designed to make a significant contribution to the practical implementation of digital sovereignty in Europe. To achieve this, European cloud experts including ecsec, Charité / deNBI, D3TN, IONOS, publicplan, Red Hat / IBM, Scheer, Trusted Cloud and Cloud&Heat have joined forces to develop a prototype „Deploy with Gaia-X“, which has been presented at the Gaia-X Technical Deep Dive Webinar on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021.

    „Deploy with GAIA-X“ – Prototype goals and workflow

    The primary aim of the demonstrator is for the user to be able to deploy services without in-depth cloud knowledge. The use case has a central identity management for all steps of the deployment. Motivated by digital sovereignty goals of public entities, the initiative „Ein Ort für öffentlichen Code“ (A Place for Public Code) served as the starting point for the prototype. The prototype uses already existing components for now, as the GAIA-X Federated Services are still being developed.


    Cloud&Heat | Gaia-X | Gaia-X demonstrator workflow

    Cloud&Heat | Gaia-X | Gaia-X demonstrator workflow


    An application provider adds applications, for example the open-source application Nextcloud with the recently presented eID-Login App including a self-description and requirements for the execution to the GitLab portal. The Gaia-X user chooses an application and adds further requirements for the execution environment. GitLab requests the deployment of the application to the orchestrator engine Krake. Finally, Krake deploys to a cloud provider which fulfills the overall requirements.


    Cloud&Heat | Gaia-X technical Deep Dive | Demonstration Deploy with GAIA-X

    The prototype’s future in the GAIA-X world

    Currently non-GAIA-X services and tools are used in the prototype, because the GAIA-X implementation is not available yet. The services will later be replaced as soon as the corresponding GAIA-X services are available.


    Thanks to all partners for the great teamwork so far.



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