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    Gaia-X Summit 2020: Presenting the progress of the European Cloud Initiative

    17.11.2020 - by Theresa Kambor


    “GAIA-X represents an important part of Europe’s digital future and I am pleased with the enthusiasm for the project. We are quite heavily involved in the project because we absolutely share the overall vision and want to increase the transparency of our digital infrastructure, especially with regards to sustainability aspects.”
    Dr. Ronny Reinhardt, Team Lead Business Development Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH.


    Cloud&Heat has been a part of Gaia-X since its inception phase in 2019. To date, there has been significant progress. Many different companies have joined the initiative to establish a vibrant ecosystem focusing on digital sovereignty. Starting in November, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs has been awarding project contracts for GAIA-X to speed up the implementation of core GAIA-X elements. Together with a broad consortium led by the eco association, we will be working on the initial specification for the GAIA-X Federation Services.


    On November 18th and 19th, Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister of Economic Affairs in Germany, and the GAIA-X project participants will come together in a virtual event and present the current results, the goals for the next project phase and the future prospects at the GAIA-X Summit.

    Self-descriptions are important for more transparency

    At the summit, Dr. Ronny Reinhardt (Cloud&Heat) and Pierre Gronlier (OVH Cloud) will present a GAIA-X demonstrator, highlighting the importance of the self-descriptions for the project. Through self-descriptions, the digital services and infrastructure are becoming more transparent for the user, which is a focus of the European Cloud initiative. For example, characteristics of the infrastructure such as security certificates, server and provider locations or sustainability aspects can be traced.



    Using these self-descriptions, users can search a catalog according to their needs. For example, Cloud&Heat is describing a cloud stack from a Managed Kubernetes service down to the server layer with hot water cooled hardware by the German manufacturer Thomas-Krenn.AG.

    Especially areas like Saxony can profit of the platform

    Aiming for creating new connections between services, GAIA-X provides significant potential for regional providers. In the GAIA-X ecosystem, there will be different catalogs with a clearly defined range of services for industry sectors or regions. A great example for this approach is KIPS (AI-Platform Saxony), which combines AI and Cloud computing for small and medium sized companies in Saxony.

    Cloud&Heat at the Summit

    November 18th, at 11 am, Nicolas Röhrs, CEO and co-founder, takes part in the moderated panel discussion “GAIA-X as a joint endeavor for data and cloud sovereignty” and discusses the role of GAIA-X for European users and service providers as well as their commitment to the European cloud project.

    November 19th, at 11.30 am, Dr. Ronny Reinhardt, Team Lead Business Development, will highlight the importance of self-descriptions for the project in a presentation called “Federated Services: Current Status and Outlook from the Community Implementation Project ”

    About Gaia-X

    GAIA-X is a project to build an efficient and competitive, secure, and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe, which is carried by representatives from business, science and administration from Europe and beyond.



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