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01099 Dresden

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    Cloud&Heat Technologies is a provider of future-proof, tailor-made complete private and public cloud solutions based on a combination of energy-efficient hardware and software packages. The product portfolio includes all services along the lifecycle: from consulting and planning, construction, configuration and installation of data centers, to their operation, billing and support – everything from a single source!

    Our hardware is characterized by an innovative hot water cooling system that allows recovery of up to 90% of the generated server waste heat.
    The high temperature level of up to 60°C allows the waste heat to be used directly for heating drinking water or for heating residential and business premises.
    This is nevertheless not a heating solution, since the IT must always be used to full capacity for heat production. Only the combination works.
    The regulation and control of the water circuit with regard to reliable server operation was developed by Cloud&Heat itself.

    For companies, a sustainable IT infrastructure is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor. The aim is to save costs and at the same time ensure the flexibility of your IT, companies need tools that ensure speed, stability and scalability. We ensure complete lifecycle management of our public and private cloud software, monitoring and alerting of incidents as well as fast response times and annual maintenance of our systems. By using OpenStack, we increase flexibility, lower costs and enable efficient and fast workflows.

    We are providing on-demand and scalable compute infrastructures for compute-intensive jobs and for high performance computing.

    With our energy-efficient data center solutions, we also make a sustainable contribution for the environment.

    Our data centers are highly energy efficient due to the use of direct water cooling at the servers, making air conditioning unnecessary. We have achieved a PUE-value of 1.02 at one of our data centers in Dresden, which is a remarkable success compared to the average PUE-value of the European data centers: 1,64*. This means that, whereas average data centers need 64% of extra power for the non-IT components (mostly represented by the cooling units), this data center uses only 2%.

    *Source: Maria Avgerinou, Paolo Bertoldi and Luca Castellazzi,(2017).

    secustack addresses the following topics:

    • Secured access to infrastructures
    • Hardening and protection of the OpenStack infrastructure
    • User control of the key material
    • Encryption and signature of images
    • Isolation and protection of tenant networks
    • Encryption of user data in block memory