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    European green deal aims for sustainable data centers and cloud services

    13.11.2020 - by Theresa Kambor


    The German data center market is booming: digitalization is constantly increasing. Data centers in the EU member states already consume 2.7% of the electricity demand – and the trend is increasing, according to the study by the EU Commission, the electricity demand should rise to 3.2 percent by 2030.


    The European Green Deal aims precisely at this: to limit the increasing power consumption of cloud services and data centers and to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2030. The aim is to develop suitable infrastructures and to promote environmentally friendly, efficient cloud services and energy-efficient data center solutions.


    The study, which was released this week and written the by Environment Agency Austria and the Borderstep Institute, finds that, due to the nature of cloud computing and the diversity of cloud service providers, there is no single solution to reach the 2030 target. Nevertheless, existing technologies can be used as a starting point. What the vision of the EU Commission is, is ours since 2011. For a climate friendly environment in the data center and cloud service market, we are constantly working on improving our technology to meet the requirements of a sustainable future.

    Statement Nicolas Röhrs on the European green deal:



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