Datacenter in a Box

Our hyper convergent all-in-one micro data center offers you a complete package of perfectly matched hardware and software. Due to our patented hot water cooling system, we can increase energy-efficiency and safe threefold. With our technology, server rooms do not need air-condition. Furthermore, waste heat of the servers can be used to heat office space or to warm up drinking water. With our flexibly extendable high-performance system, you can react needs-oriented to increased performance requirements. Extension is implemented by server equipment (up to 20 blades per rack) or by installation of additional modules.


  • High-performance blade servers
    • high density for maximum performance at minimal space
    • up to 20 blades per rack
    • up tp 512 GB RAM per blade
    • up to 5 kW per rack
  • Patented high-temperature water cooling solution
    • 100 % of the server energy goes into the water circuit
    • operation is fully and reliably possible without air-condition
    • server waste heat reduces your heating costs
    • no hot-spot development in your server room
    • super-silent, office-friendly operation
  • Redundant server cooling
    • guaranteed non-stop server operation even in case of failure of heating system
  • Easy maintenance of the standardized components
    • hot-swap able blades

Optional Full-Service

  • Planning and integration into your heating system
  • Installation of your own Private cloud, OpenStack based, licence free
  • Installation consulting based on long-standing OpenStack Know-How
  • Take-over of long-term maintenance of your cloud
Product data sheet

Datacenter in a Box - Configurator

Rack configuration

number of blades:
number of chassis:
Only one chassis is required.
rack without blades:
€ {{ bill.totalDiabWithoutBlades | money}}

Blade configuration

processor (CPU):
harddisk (SSD):
internal memory (RAM):
price for all blades:
€ {{ bill.totalBlades | money}}

Storage configuration

storage capacity:
€ {{ bill.totalStorage | money}}

Software configuration

OpenStack installation:
€ {{ bill.softwareInstallation | money}}

Price (excl. VAT.)
€ {{ bill.totalNetto | money}}


max thermal power per rack:
{{ efficiency.thermalPower | float }} kW per year
heating savings:
€ {{ efficiency.heatingSavings | round}} per year
cooling savings:
€ {{ efficiency.coolingSavings | round}} per year
Total savings:
up to € {{ efficiency.savings | round}} per year

CO2 savings:
{{ efficiency.co2 | money }}t per year
To compensate this annual amount of CO2, {{ efficiency.trees }} new trees have to be planted.

Do you have any special configuration requirements?

Just tell us what you need, we’d be happy to help.


Cloud Consulting

When understood properly, cloud solutions can be a vast cost and time saving for your company. To smoothly start into your own cloud, we offer our know-how about OpenStack and the operation of an own cloud infrastructure within the scope of classical project consulting and in workshops.

As experts for cloud architectures and OpenStack technology, we offer a competent and comprehensive support throughout all project phases of the implementation of your own cloud infrastructure in your company.

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With our CloudCuber/Box you have the opportunity to store your data fast, securely and reliably in the cloud. Based on our distributed data center infrastructure hosted in Germany, you can determine yourself, at which locations your data is stored. This enables high availability and optimum performance.

Benefits for the customer

Simple & Clever

Installation in a few steps and optimum usage of bandwidth by a controllable upload into the cloud at defined times.


By using cloud storage in the Cloud&Heat server infrastructure, the data is secured in our green cloud.


Your data is encrypted and backed up redundantly. In parallel, the local stored data in the CloudCuber/Box, will be geographically distributed and stored as a backup in the cloud. Multiple mirroring of data at several locations ensures a highest access and reliability.

System requirements

  • Internet-Connection (min. 10 MBit/s up- and downstream recommended)
  • Gigabit-Ethernet-Connection for integration in local networks (WLAN and / or 10-GB-Ethernet optional)
  • filetransfer via SMB (NFS optional)
  • cached data form 1TB to 16 TB
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Infrastructure as a Service

With Infrastructure as a Service we offer various IT resources, such as computing power, storage, or network capacity based on your individual needs. Use your Dashboard to easily start and manage your resources. You have full control over resources and only pay for what you actually use. All data is hosted exclusively in Germany.

Linux Distributions

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64
  • Fedora 23 x64

Cloud Block Storage

Cloud Block Storage is our most reliable cloud-based storage solution. Attach Cloud Block Storage to existing instances to expand storage volumes. Any already existing data will not be deleted from your instance and will be stored in the network triple redundantly.

Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage enables you to easily save and access data online via web service interfaces regardless of time or place. Numerous users can access the storage at the same time. Select the volume you need and only pay for what you actually use.


TÜV - Zertifikat


For our Infrastructure as a Service we're building a distributed data center infrastructure in Germany, which is the most energy efficient worldwide. This energy efficiency is determined by the Power Usage Effectivness (PUE) value.

Our recent measuremnts confirm that we achive a PUE value of 1.014. This means, just 1.4 % of the total used electrical power is not used for computing operations.

Compared to this, modern data centers have an average PUE value of 1.3.


1 vCPU
2 TB Traffic3

€ 0.015 / Hour1
€ 10.95 / Month2

Saves 35 kg
CO2 per Year

Trees Pictogram

3 trees



2 vCPU
3 TB Traffic3

€ 0.03 / Hour1
€ 21.90 / Month2

Saves 70 kg
CO2 per Year

Trees Pictogram

7 trees



4 vCPU
120 GB HDD
4 TB Traffic3

€ 0.06 / Hour1
€ 43.80 / Month2

Saves 139 kg
CO2 per Year

Trees Pictogram

14 trees



4 vCPU
240 GB HDD
5 TB Traffic3

€ 0.10 / Hour1
€ 73.00 / Month2

Saves 279 kg
CO2 per Year

Trees Pictogram

28 trees



6 vCPU
480 GB HDD
6 TB Traffic3

€ 0.14 / Hour1
€ 102.20 / Month2

Saves 557 kg
CO2 per Year

Trees Pictogram

56 trees


Cloud Block Storage

Block Storage/Snapshots (Standard Volumes)
€ 0.035 / GB per Month

Cloud Object Storage

Arbitrary data
€ 0.04 / GB per Month

Do you have any special infrastructure requirements?

Just tell us what you need, we’d be happy to help.