Private Infrastructure

Based on the own hardware Datacenter in a Box, Cloud&Heat offers customized, ready-to-use data center and server room solutions. Our solutions are arbitrarily scalable and can be adjusted to our customers individual needs. Due to an innovative cooling system inclusive waste reast reuse, our customers save an incredible amount of CO2 and cut their operative costs significantly. Adding an OpenStack installation, the Datacenter in a Box becomes a performant, energy- and cost-efficient basis for your Cloud solution.

Hardwarebasis Datacenter in a Box

  • Hardware solution consisting of arbitrarily scalable number of server blades and storage units
  • High packing density within one rack
  • Integrated hydraulic system to re-use the resulting server waste heat
  • Redundant design of all important system components for a fail-safe data center operation


  • Installation of a Private or Public Cloud, OpenStack based and free of license costs
  • Expert instruction based on long-time OpenStack know-how
  • Optional individual trainings about OpenStack from competent OpenStack experts
  • Maintenance and support for hardware basis and OpenStack projects

Full Service

  • Requirement analysis for and support with the planning and configuration of your data center
  • Ready-to-use delivery of the orderd systems
  • Planning and connection to heating system

Green IT

  • Waiver of cost- and energy-intensive cooling systems due to integrated innovative hydraulic water cooling
  • innovative waste heat utilization for the whole buidling
  • worldwide uniquely energy- and cost-efficient

Products & References

Distributed Datacenter

  • OpenStack Public or Private Cloud
  • Operation through geographically distributed locations

Container Datacenter

  • Optimum use of space for performant hardware and waste heat utilization
  • mobile DC solution

Mirco Datacenter

  • All-in-One solution for medium-sized companies
  • Office-friendly high-performance solution
  • Worldwide unique, energy- and costefficient OpenStack Private Cloud solution

Datacenter Upgrade

  • Upgrade of existing infrastructures
  • Reduction of operative costs
  • Increase of energy-efficiency

Datacenter in a Box - Configurator

Rack configuration

number of blades:
number of chassis:
Only one chassis is required.

Blade configuration

processor (CPU):
harddisk (SSD):
internal memory (RAM):

Storage configuration

storage capacity:

Software configuration

OpenStack installation:


max thermal power per rack:
{{ efficiency.thermalPower | float }} kW
heating savings:
€ {{ efficiency.heatingSavings | round}} per year
cooling savings:
€ {{ efficiency.coolingSavings | round}} per year
Total savings:
up to € {{ efficiency.savings | round}} per year

CO2 savings:
{{ efficiency.co2 | money }}t per year
To compensate this annual amount of CO2, {{ efficiency.trees }} new trees have to be planted.