OpenStack Services

During the last years, OpenStack has become de facto Open Source standard for the operation of Public and Private clouds. Specific opportunities offers OpenStack relating to flexibility and range of functions. Compared to proprietary solutions, one OpenStack installation does not equals a second due to its immense configurability and its various subprojects, which can be deployed needs-based. Due to four years of experience of implementing and operating in the field of OpenStack, Cloud & Heat has gained comprehensive knowledge in this ecosystem. Based on the gained knowlegde and enriched know-how, Cloud & Heat offers the total service spectrum starting with individual trainings to the conception of individual OpenStack projects.

Advice and consulting about

  • OpenStack Life Cycle Management and automation
  • Standard OpenStack Configurations
  • individual OpenStack solutions for very specific requirements
  • OpenStack for security-critical applications
  • High-availability of OpenStack solutions
  • Support and operation workflows for OpenStack installations

Training with in-house OpenStack Lab

  • Trainings on OpenStack basics as well as advanced topics - both for the management and for technical staff
  • Distribution of Cloud & Heat productive structure for the practical application of detailed knowledge taught

Implementation & Operations

  • Conception and implementation of individual OpenStack solutions
  • Review and valuation of existing OpenStack solutions
  • Adaption und programmatic extension of the OpenStack source code basis
  • Implementation of OpenStack operations inclusive customer support