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Cloud services.

Moving to the cloud offers countless options for action. Together we create pragmatic solutions and offer an individual, scalable operating model for the development of your applications or platform.

With our perfectly adjusted technology stack we are your extended IT department and thus simplify your daily business. We focus on worksharing: you concentrate on your applications and platforms, we take care of the underlying infrastructure - including 24/7 support if you wish. Choose the cloud services that suit your daily business best.

Cloud Services IaaS Managed Kubernetes Bare Metal

Our offer and services.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

We provide the resources to carry out applications in the cloud (public cloud or private cloud). The infrastructure can be scaled flexibly according to processing and storage requirements.

Managed Kubernetes

In our cloud environments, you can use your applications efficiently. We orchestrate your Kubernetes cluster and you can concentrate on your core business.
Cloud Consulting Consulting

Cloud consulting

As cloud operators, we have gathered many years of practical experience. We pass this know-how on to you in customised consulting and training offers as well as hands-on.

We understand your application.

In the Cloud&Heat ecosystem, we work hand in hand with you. Save time, costs and resources for building an infrastructure and rely on our expertise. In addition to provisioning the cloud infrastructure in our own data centre, we also offer our solutions on-premise From the optimal hardware set-up, to the operation of the application in the cloud based on IaaS, to the orchestration through Managed Kubernetes. We offer infrastructure and services that push your business forward. And all that at absolutely competitive prices.

Understanding the client's application

(1) Understanding the customer's application

In a personal consultation, we analyse the requirements of your application. You decide whether you want to set up a test instance (2) or directly put the application into operation (3).

Set up test instance

(2) Set up test instance

Every application is unique. We offer customised solutions for this. Through test instances, we can set up the resources according to the needs of your applications and readjust them as required.

Onboarding your application

(3) Onboarding your application

The onboarding of your application in the cloud infrastructure is fast, transparent and reliable. Our support team accompanies you throughout the onboarding process and beyond.
Our support helps you with the commissioning of your application

(4) Our support helps you with the commissioning of your application

Run your application on a secure, energy-efficient and high-performant cloud infrastructure. We support you in planning, setting up and managing the cloud environment.

More performance? Scale your application

(5) More performance? Scale your application

If your application's workloads require more resources, the virtual machines (VMs) can be scaled both vertically and horizontally by adding more resources to a single instance.

Redundancy? High availability and reliability

6) Redundancy? High availability and reliability

With horizontal scaling, additional virtual machines (VMs) or clusters are added. If a virtual machine fails, the additional machines continue to run. High availability and reliability through redundancy increase performance.

Shaping the digital world sustainably.
Preserving the natural world.

Together with our customers and partners, we want to shape future applications in a sustainable way. #THINKGREEN