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Cool Silicon Award 2015
KfW GründerChampion 2015
Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2015

Funding Projects


(Big Data Analysis)

LEADS proposes Data-as-a-Service as a solution to the need for small actors to take advantage of big public data, by mutualizing the costs of extracting, storing and processing public data, while offering rich and extensible possibilities, including privacy-protecting querying on public and private data including data updated in real-time, and more.

Industrial partner i.a.:


(Energy Efficient Computing)

The outcome of the project will be a processor architecture for a heterogeneous distributed system that utilizes future device characteristics for dramatic energy savings as well as a quantification of the actual energy savings achieved by the ParaDIME approach.

Partner i.a.:
TU-Dresden, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Université de Neuchatel


(Actuators Sensors & Transcievers)

The outcome of fast realtime aims for a platform for real time applications in the future (for industry 4.0, tactile internet, autonomous driving, real time medical application, and real time control for the internet of things, etc.) The goal is to reduce the response time from several hundreds of ms down to 1ms

Partner i.a.:
Siemens, Funkwerk, Escrypt, Vodafone, ZMD


(Secure Enclaves for Reactive Cloud)

The Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications (SERECA) project aims to remove technical impediments to secure cloud computing, and thereby enable and promote the usage of cost-effective, environment-friendly, and innovative cloud solutions throughout Europe.

Partner i.a.:
Imperial College London, Red Hat ltd., JClarity, EPSILON, TU Braunschweig


(Secure Cloud)

SafeCloud will re-architect cloud infrastructures to ensure that data transmission, storage, and processing can be

  1. partitioned in multiple administrative domains that are unlikely to collude, so that sensitive data can be protected by design;
  2. entangled with inter-dependencies that make it impossible for any of the domains to tamper with its integrity.

Partner i.a.:
Cybernetica, INESC-ID, INESC TEC, Coordination, Maxdata Software, TU München, Université de Neuchatel