About Cloud&Heat

Founders of CloudAndHeat

To heat with servers – in 2009, when searching for a cost-efficient way to heat his new home, computer science professor Dr. Christof Fetzer (Systems Engineering) comes up with this innovative idea to use the waste heat of servers instead of blowing it out unused. Together with physicist Dr. Jens Struckmeier, they develop the patented technology in a long-standing intensive work of research and founded the AoTerra GmbH, today Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH, with the help of Marcel Schretzmann in 2011.

The first server racks

In 2012, we start the operation of our OpenStack based cloud and sell first server racks to private homes Germany-wide.

Teamfoto - Thank You

With the help of a Seedmatch campaign carried out in 2013, in which 883 investors participated in, we collected 1 million Euro – record level at this time. With this investment we continued on our growth course and enhance our team by hiring professional staff in the area software development.

The next generation of server racks

In 2014 already, we can record 108 sold server racks all over Germany. The interest in our heating solution has now become so big, that we cannot unfortunately meet all requests. Additionally, we have realized that the isolated consideration of the cloud and heat market is not economically viable for us.

The Datacenter in a Box

Instead, we have proved that we can operate data centers with our hardware and expertise now in an expanded product portfolio. We take 2015 as opportunity to adapt to market requirements and to offer our green technology now for our customer’s data centers, too.


In 2016 we introduce our new, high-performance server generation at CeBIT and attract a great deal of recognition. We reach a sensationally low PUE value of 1.014 in our data center at Wallotstraße, Dresden, and are thus worldwide uniquely energy-efficient. The interaction of the economic and ecologic advantages is honored by the Deutsche Rechenzentrumspreis for the second year in a row. At the end of this year we plan to expand to Scandinavia.