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Cloud&Heat is a provider of OpenStack-based public and private cloud solutions. Since 2012, we have been running our own distributed cloud infrastructure, on which classic cloud computing (IaaS) is offered. With the Datacenter in a Box we are completing our portfolio by designing, commissioning and maintaining customized cloud solutions for companies responding to the rapidly increasing demand for company-internal cloud infrastructures. We provide our know-how in form of classical consulting, tailor-made courses or the implementation of individual OpenStack projects. All our cloud solutions are based on our own server base, which is unique in energy efficiency worldwide thanks to innovative hot water cooling. The server waste heat is directly absorbed by the heat hotspots, such as CPU or RAM, and can be used to heat properties and to process the hot water. The energy- and cost-efficient concept has been awarded multiple times, e.g. by the German Datacenter Prize in 2015 & 2016.

Cloud&Heat History


Public Cloud on the advance

After the successful market launch of the Datacenter in a Box, our Public Cloud continues to expand. At the end of the year, our new IaaS location will be launched in the former data center of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main. Equipped with more robust hardware and optimized processes, we are able to meet highest demands on data, failure, and process security, and are resuming public-cloud operation. In addition, we continue to drive sales of our Datacenter in a Box and can win new customers (eg innogy SE).


Datacenter in a Box

2016, we present our new, powerful server generation at the CeBIT for the first time and receive a lot of encouragement. Here we are able to win first prospects for our new product, such as Envirotech Solutions from Norway commissioning our complete system as a mobile container solution.


Cloud&Heat Technologies adapts business modell

We put the fresh capital into the construction of our newest generation of servers. In addition to classic cloud computing on our own cloud infrastructure, companies can now run their own corporate cloud, which combines unique energy efficiency with secure, automated cloud power. The waste heat of the servers can now be used directly by the company itself, thus drastically reducing their costs.


Demand for heat exceeds cloud demand

By 2014, we are able to record 108 sold server cabinets in more than 20 locations throughout Germany. The interest in using our server cabinets as a pure heating solution is now so great that we can not process all the inquiries. At the same time, we have found that separate consideration of the cloud and heat market is not economical. Because the equation is quiet simple: Only where sufficient cloud computing power is demanded, there occurs a sufficient amount of waste heat for heating. Two major Hamburg-based investors participate in Cloud&Heat and are saving the company from failure.


Successful Seedmatch financing round

Through a seedmatch campaign, involving a total of 883 investors, we are collecting one million euros in 2013 - a record value at that time. With Seedmatch's capital, we are able to continue our strong growth path, further expand our team and hire employees in the area of ​​software development.


Launch of the Cloud&Heat Public Cloud

Cloud&Heat starts with the separate view of the cloud and heating market. In 2012, we are launching the operation of our OpenStack-based public cloud, selling servers to private individuals who provide their cellars as data center locations and, in turn, benefit from the server heat on site for heating. Furthermore, initial cloud customers are won.


Project idea and founding

"To Heat with servers" - The innovative idea of ​​not allowing server waste heat to dissipate unused comes from the professor of computer science Christof Fetzer when he is looking for a cost-effective solution for heating his living space in 2009. Together with the physicist Dr. Jens Struckmeier he had developed the patented technology in many years of research. In 2011, they founded AoTerra GmbH, today Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH.

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