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    Digital-Gipfel 2020

    30.11.2020 - by Theresa Kambor


    Since 2016 the Digital-Gipfel  changes the focus of the topic every year. This year’s topic is “more sustainability by means of digitalization”. The target is to improve the living situation and make the planet a livable place for future generations. To reach that, Germany has committed to 17 goals:


    Sustainable Development Goals


    The world keeps becoming more digital, and most of us can’t imagine a life without smartphones, internet & co. Digitalization as well as the data center market is constantly increasing, therefore the aim is to develop suitable infrastructures and promote environmentally friendly, efficient cloud services and energy-efficient technology.

    Since 2011 it is our mission to develop and build such sustainable digital infrastructures, to meet the requirements of a sustainable future.

    Cloud&Heat and secustack at the Digital-Gipfel

    On December 1st at 9.45 am, our CEO and co-founder Nicolas Röhrs, will present our technology. The energy consumption of data centers is constantly growing, by 2030 the electricity demand will approximately rise to 3.2 percent. It is more than important, to figure out sustainable solutions and develop technologies which meet the requirements of a sustainable future.


    Using our technology, it is possible to save through reduced consumption of onboard fans, the higher efficiency in the cooling system and the recovery and utilization of waste heat.

    AI providers running on sustainable infrastructures

    In a best practice example we show that AI-providers prefer sustainable infrastructures for their services. For example, Nyris a virtual searching engine, which uses 8 kW for their AI-application, is saving up to 11t of CO2 (compared to a regular data center) by running on our infrastructure. That is as much as 900 trees or 1ha of forest would need to absorb.

    Sustainability and security go hand in hand

    To build sustainable infrastructures, they need to be secure. Marius Feldmann, one of the CEOs of secustack, will highlight the importance of digital sovereignty in the cloud in a presentation on December 1st at 9.45am. While hyperscalers still rule the data center market, it is very important to make sustainable, digital infrastructure economically attractive. With data safety and security, we can do this.


    December 1st, 9.45 am, Forum A
    Nicolas Röhrs, CEO & co-founder Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH.
    “Digitalization as drive of a sustainable economy”


    December 1st, 9.45 am, Forum B
    Marius Feldmann, CEO secustack GmbH
    “Sustainable? With security!”


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