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Data protection in the Cloud

4.04.2019 - by Lisa Grzonkowski

Higher requirements following new data protection law

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) calls for new requirements in many areas. To address this, the AUDITOR research project presented a criteria catalog which will serve as the new test standard for European-wide data protection certification of cloud services. Cloud&Heat actively participated within this project and helped as a practice partner in evaluating the criteria.

Certification mark for data protection in the Cloud

In order to measure data protection, AUDITOR was tasked with developing a European seal of quality. An international team worked together to draft and develop the certification mark in a transparent manner by making the final documentation public.

Cloud&Heat participates in the optimization and further development

In our role as processors, we, as cloud providers, must fulfill regulations in order for data processing operations to be certified. Cloud&Heat takes this task very seriously, and therefore participated in the AUDITOR research project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. This catalog will develop and improve due to an on-going dialog that is not only discussed behind closed doors by specialists, but also at trade fairs and conferences.


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