IK InabataContainer data center

“Cloud&Heat offers exactly what the Asian market needs: scalable computing power in the form of cloud services on the one hand, and an energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional datacenters on the other.”

Toshihiro Matsuo – Inabata’s Information & Electronics Division III

Project Description:

We installed a GPU Datacenter in a container for our first customer in Asia, Inabata.They needed our services in building a ready-to-use DCC-GPU container connected to a solar farm between Tokyo and Osaka for IoT, Blockchain and AI services.

Company profile:

  • Specialized trading company for electronic components

Project objective:

  • Enable outdoor and remote, rural integration
  • Connect to the Japanese power grid
  • Connect to a solar plant

Solution delivered:

  • Fully equipped GPU computing highly flexible and reliable
  • Fully monitored and operated based on OpenStack